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​A community school is any school serving pre-Kindergarten through high school students through a “whole-child" approach, with an integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement.  The CDE and the California State Board of Education have determined that the CCSPP will be an equity-driven and assets-building school transformation program. 

​More information: ​​

Capacity Building Strategies S-TAC UPDATE April 2024.pdf

Community Scho​ols Framework.pdf

​​​Community Schools Staff ​​​
Monica Leon​951-360-4175 Coordinator of Community Schools
​Chelsea Black
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Mission MIddle School
​Delia Nguyen
​​Teacher on Special Assignment- Rubidoux High School
​Elideth Guerrero
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Granite Hill Elementary
​Karimina Cook
Teacher on Special Assignment- Ina Arbuckle Elementary
​Philip Ramirez
Teacher on Special Assignment- Jurupa Valley High School
Angelica Quintero951-360-2748
Teacher on Special Assignment- Mission Bell Elementary
​AnnMarie McCoy
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Mira Loma Middle School
​Melissa Martinez-Lantz
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Rustic Lane Elementary
​​Josefina Gamez
951-360-2816​Teacher on Special Assignment- Sky Country Elementary
​Rita Salloum
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Troth Street Elementary
​Monica Balbuena
​Teacher on Special Assignment- Van Buren Elementary
​Martha Rodriguez
​Teacher on Special Assigment- West Riverside Elementary


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