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Head Start Wins Award

​​PAAM Continues to Earn Awards

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Back to School- August 6

​​Information, Class lists will be posted at 5:00 pm

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Music enhances brains

​​Musicians performing their own compositions.

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District Initiatives
  • 19-20 Board Approved LCAP

    2019-2020 Board Approved LCAP is available here.To leave feedback and comments click here.El plan LCAP 2019-2020 aprobado por la mesa directiva está disponible aquí. Comparta sus comentarios y retroal...

  • Safe Learning Zones

    ​Resolution No. 2017/53, Resolution of the Board of Education to Make the District and All Campuses Safe Learning Zones for All Students, Families, and Staff, was adopted by the Board on March 13, 201...

  • Digital Gateway

    Jurupa Unified has launched a Digital Gateway initiative, meaning the district will equip each student in grades 2-12 with a Chromebook to take to and from school. Each Chromebook will be moni...

  • District Solar Generation

    Jurupa Unified School District believes in and practices environmental integrity. Thanks to the community's support many of our school sites are supplied with solar generators that both minimize our ...

  • Measure EE

    Learn more about upgrades to classrooms, facilities and technology here​.

Welcome to Pacific Avenue Academy of Music


Learning Without Limits

Music thrives daily at PAAM.  Jurupa Unified School District opened the program 1.5 years ago specifically to harmonize music with academics, and the campus will serve as a music magnet school not only for the district, but also for Riverside County and the Inland Southern California region.  All students, from special education preschoolers to sixth graders, have opportunities to experience music theory, music appreciation and critiquing, and music performance.   All students participate vocal and instrumental music and develop piano keyboarding skills.  Primary grades take part in Orff-type activities and upper grade students learn woodwinds, brass, percussion, and/or strings.  Music is specifically taught by qualified teachers to every student, including all special education students s...

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Principal's Message

Did you know that 66% of students accepted to medical school are musicians?  Did you know that music students receive more academic honors and awards than non-music students?  Did you know that musicians score about 100 points higher on the SAT than non-musicians?At Pacific Avenue Academy of Music (PAAM), all students from preschool through seventh grade participate in music and are achieving in all academic areas.  Music builds neuropathways helping students to learn more, concentrate fuller, think creatively, and develop better social skills.  We are building better brains through the systematic instruction of music performance, theory, and appreciation.  Since PAAM's inception is 2016, our student SBAC scores haven risen.  Last year, two of our grade levels were first in the District.  ...

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PAAM Music Performances

PAAM students had the opportunity to show off their musical talents at Rubidoux High School. Parents, faculty, and members of the community were seated in the audience. Students demonstrated what they learned in their first school year at our new music academy. We couldn't be prouder of them. Students were on stage performing with professionalism and confidence. Bravo, everyone. You were all amazing up there. This shows us what can be accomplished in a school year with hard work and dedication. 

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View the latest PAAM TV Morning Announcements. 

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Latest News

17 May2019

Classroom Music Presentati...


​Grades 1-5 successfully and beautifully performed for family and friends as a culminating activity.  Preschool and kindergarteners have their performances over the next...

10 May2019

Strings Perform at CABE


​The PAAM strings were the featured entertainment before a crowd of almost 1,000 people at the ​California Association of Bilingual Education.  All 52 musicians performed...