​​​​Volunteer Requirements and Guidelines – Fingerprinting & Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Jurupa Unified School District.  On this webpage, you will find volunteer information and requirements you must follow to be cleared as a volunteer. 

Volunteer Guidelines

TB Only Volunteers

Only Tuberculosis (TB) clearance is required for volunteers that are:

  • Visiting their child's classroom less than four (4) hours a week and will always remain under the DIRECT supervision of a certificated JUSD staff member. 
  • Assisting with activities under the DIRECT supervision of a certificated JUSD staff member for less than four (4) hours per week. 
  • Attending school field trips to assist with supervision of only their child or when not assigned a group/individual student to supervise.

TB & Fingerprinted Volunteers

Fingerprinted and Tuberculosis (TB) clearances are required for volunteers that are:

  • Assisting in the classroom or other school activities regularly or for more than four (4) hours per week. 
  • Volunteering on a field trip to supervise students without the supervision of JUSD certificated staff. 
  • Serving as an overnight chaperone. 
  • Escorting students from one location to another on campus.

​How to apply

  1. Submit your application only! Cli​ck here or follow the QR code to the right.​VolunteerQRCode.png
  2. Wait for your request to be approved by the principal.
  3. Once approved, complete all requirements listed in the approval email you will receive.
  4. Email all required documents listed in the approval email to: JUSD_volunteers@jusd.k12.ca.us
  5. You will receive an email once you are cleared to volunteer.


Note: All guests, including cleared volunteers, must sign in at the office upon entering the school campus and sign out before exiting.

​If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 951-360-4124

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