District Fiscal/Financial Reports​​ ​

expand Fiscal Year : 2021-2022 ‎(5)
expand Fiscal Year : 2022-2023 ‎(5)
expand Fiscal Year : 2023-2024 ‎(3)
expand Fiscal Year : 2024-2025 ‎(1)
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2019-20.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2019-20
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2020-21.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2020-21
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2021-22.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2021-22
Jurupa USD Audit Report 2022-23.pdfJurupa USD Audit Report 2022-23
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2020.pdfJurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2020
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2021.pdfJurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2021
Jurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2022.pdfJurupa USD Bond Audit Report 2022
EPA Entitlement 2020-21.pdfEPA Entitlement 2020-21
EPA Entitlement 2021-22.pdfEPA Entitlement 2021-22
EPA Entitlement 2022-23.pdfEPA Entitlement 2022-23
2020-21 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2020-21 Annual and Five Year Report
2021-22 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2021-22 Annual and Five Year Report
2022-23 Annual and Five Year Report.pdf2022-23 Annual and Five Year Report
expand Report Type : CDIAC Fiscal Status Reports ‎(27)
expand Report Type : CFD Special Tax Reports ‎(18)
2023-24 CSEA Collective Bargaining Disclosure.pdf2023-24 CSEA Collective Bargaining Disclosure.pdf
2023-24 NEA-J Collective Bargaining Disclosure.pdf2023-24 NEA-J Collective Bargaining Disclosure.pdf

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