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upcoming events

  • Independence Day

    When: 04 Jul 2023 @ 12:00 AM
  • Halloween

    When: 31 Oct 2023 @ 12:00 AM
  • Christmas Eve

    When: 24 Dec 2023 @ 12:00 AM
  • Christmas Day

    When: 25 Dec 2023 @ 12:00 AM
District Initiatives
  • 2022-23 Board Approved LCAP

    ​The 2022-23 Board Approved LCAP is available here​. El plan LCAP 2022-23 aprobado por la mesa directiva está disponible aquí.​

  • Safe Learning Zones

    ​Resolution No. 2017/53, Resolution of the Board of Education to Make the District and All Campuses Safe Learning Zones for All Students, Families, and Staff, was adopted by the Board on March 13, 201...

  • Digital Gateway

    Jurupa Unified has launched a Digital Gateway initiative, meaning the district will equip each student in grades 2-12 with a Chromebook to take to and from school. Each Chromebook will be moni...

  • District Solar Generation

    Jurupa Unified School District believes in and practices environmental integrity. Thanks to the community's support many of our school sites are supplied with solar generators that both minimize our ...

  • Measure EE

    Learn more about upgrades to classrooms, facilities and technology here​.

Welcome to Pre-K School Readiness Center​

Offering children a head start to school readiness​​


Dear Families,Welcome to the School Readiness Center! We thank you for choosing our program and entrusting your children in our care.​ We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year for all of our children and families. We understand that children love to learn and we work diligently at encouraging them in their quest to gain and strengthen knowledge and skills. Our preschool educational programs provide all children regardless of need and ability with a safe, nurturing, and secure learning environment. You are your child’s first and best teacher and we really need you to engage with us to positively influence your child’s learning and development.Our program also offers families a variety of opportunities for support and growth. The more that you participate in the program the more re...

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Our Philosophy

​We believe that the child constructs knowledge by his/her interaction with their physical and social environment. Further, we believe that appropriate instructions for preschool children should be informal, interactive, and individualized. Young children have a right to a curriculum which demonstrates that we value and recognize each child's unique social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development as well as his/her cultural and linguistic background. Thus, developmentally appropriate practices are the keystones of our program in encompassing the curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Since we believe that the home provides the primary environment for learning, parents serve as our partners in designing the most appropriate program for their children. In addition, we believe that s...

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Mission Statement

​The mission of the Early Childhood Education program is to provide quality and developmentally appropriate educational experiences for preschool children within a safe and nurturing environment. Achieving our mission will result in a strong foundation for children and families in school readiness and family engagement.

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Latest News

11 Jun2020

Enrollment is Now Open


​Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is now open and families can submit their application online. ​Apply Online​

21 May2020

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