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2021-2022 School Year

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Smaller Audience,

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A Marvelous Occasion

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Let's Fly a Kite

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District Initiatives
  • COVID-19 Operations Written Re

    ​ ​Covid-19 Operations Written Report​​

  • 19-20 Board Approved LCAP

    2019-2020 Board Approved LCAP is available here.To leave feedback and comments click here.El plan LCAP 2019-2020 aprobado por la mesa directiva está disponible aquí. Comparta sus comentarios y retroal...

  • Safe Learning Zones

    ​Resolution No. 2017/53, Resolution of the Board of Education to Make the District and All Campuses Safe Learning Zones for All Students, Families, and Staff, was adopted by the Board on March 13, 201...

  • Digital Gateway

    Jurupa Unified has launched a Digital Gateway initiative, meaning the district will equip each student in grades 2-12 with a Chromebook to take to and from school. Each Chromebook will be moni...

  • District Solar Generation

    Jurupa Unified School District believes in and practices environmental integrity. Thanks to the community's support many of our school sites are supplied with solar generators that both minimize our ...

  • Measure EE

    Learn more about upgrades to classrooms, facilities and technology here​.

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PeachJar Logo



Welcome to Jurupa Unified School District

About Jurupa

At Jurupa Unified School District, we believe that with a positive mindset, every child can succeed. Our schools and programs are founded on proven educational strategies, supported by the latest research in neuroscience and are designed to promote the personal and academic growth of all students. We empower each child to unlock their potential to achieve in school, career, and life—wherever it takes them. We call this learning without limits. Learning without limits means our district provides an array of opportunities for each child. Our wide-ranging programs offered in and out of the classroom support and engage students from early childhood through high school. Students cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop resiliency, and are challenged to think...

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Superintendent's Message

To our community of teachers, staff and district employees, Thank you to each person who makes Jurupa Unified a great place to go to school. It is time to retire our old logo, mission statement and motto. Today is a special day as we unveil a new logo, brand and district promise. For any agency or organization, it is healthy to undergo periodic reflection, introspection and self-evaluation.  Last year, Jurupa Unified began a process of rigorous self-examination to ensure that we’re effectively working with, communicating with, and meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.  Teachers, classified employees, parents and community members were surveyed, and a broad range of individuals were interviewed in depth.  Through this process we have taken a close look at our marketing mat...

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Our Promise

By fostering a growth mindset in every child, Jurupa Unified School District empowers each child to unlock their potential and succeed in career, in school, and in life.  We call this Learning Without Limits—the promise we make and pledge to uphold—to our students, their families and our community.

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Pillars of Support

Nurturing early learners through programs that create a solid cognitive foundation and stimulate a love of learning. Encouraging students to challenge themselves at every grade level, setting them on a path towards continuous achievement. Promoting college and career readiness through rigorous, college preparatory curriculum, as well as hands-on, real-world learning opportunities. Engaging the Jurupa Unified community of stakeholders in our students’ success. Preparing our students for a future here or anywhere.​​

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Our Logo

​Our logo is inspired by the eagle, a universal symbol of courage, wisdom, and strength. The chief of all winged creatures, the eagle soars higher than any other bird and signifies the limitless potential of our students. Blue is a strong and visually compelling color and is associated with the attributes of loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence, a fitting description of our district's teachers and staff.

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13 May2021

2020 & 2021 Graduates


​To schedule an appointment with a JUSD Counselor, Go to:​​

03 Mar2021

Community Update


March 3, 2021: Community Update March 3, 2021 Members of the Community Served by Jurupa Unified School District: This communication is a follow-up to our...

14 May2021

Notice of Public Hearing


​A public hearing by the Governing Board of the Jurupa Unified School District will be held prior to the adoption of the 2021-22 budget and local control accountability plan (LCAP). Such hearing will be held at the Be...

20 Apr2021

Statewide Testing Notification


Statewide Testing Notification: Students in Jurupa Unified School District will take the following tests to replace the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) this spring only. District Tes...