Procedures for requesting an IEE

Requirements for obtaining an IEE at public expense 
  1. The IEE must be administered by the evaluator in the same type of location and /or setting as that used by the District in providing similar evaluations
    1. If the District evaluation included classroom observations, the IEE evaluator will be given access to the classroom.
    The IEE must be provided by an evaluator who holds equivalent certifications, licenses, or other qualifications that would be required of the District staff providing similar evaluations.
  2. The IEE evaluator must be located within a 60-mile radius of the District.
  3. IEE evaluators must comply with all state and federal requirements.
  4. All IEE evaluators are required to sign a statement declaring that no actual or potential conflict of interest exists.
  5. The IEE report must contain all necessary assessment and eligibility sections. The report must include the evaluator’s name, title, license and/or certification number, and an original signature of the evaluator that completed the IEE.
    1. The original assessment protocols must be attached to the IEE report.

Criteria for determination of IEE fee​

  1. The District will pay a fee not to exceed the routine and reasonable fee for the IEE, performed by a qualified professional in the local area. A routine and reasonable fee is based on an average of a random sampling of fees charged by professionals providing the service in the District’s area.
  2. The District will not pay excessive fees. An excessive fee is defined as one which is more than 25% higher than the routine and reasonable rate for an IEE within a 60-mile radius of the student’s District residence.
    1. Upon receipt of a request for payment of an excessive fee, the District may request a due process hearing to challenge the right of the parents to be reimbursed at such a fee level.
    2. Parents will be allowed the opportunity to demonstrate to the District that unique circumstances justify IEE reimbursement that does not fall within the criteria defined.
    3. When an IEE evaluator has a sliding scale fee based on parent income, the District will reimburse only an amount equivalent to the charge based on the parents’ income or actual charge whichever is less.
    Any travel cost for evaluators or parents will in no case exceed the District’s rates for travel as established by the District’s guidelines.     

Steps to be followed by parents requesting an IEE at public expense

  1. Contact the District Program Specialist of Special Education Services for assistance in requesting an IEE. This request shall be made in writing. The inclusion of the following will assist in providing an appropriate assessment:
    1. Specific areas of disagreement with or disputed in district evaluation; and
    2. A list of desired assessment areas, issues, or questions with the District’s assessment to be addressed by the IEE.
    The written request shall be made as soon as possible, but no later than four (4) months following the date the disputed written evaluation reports from the District was received by the parent.
  2. Upon receipt of the written request, the District will provide parents with a list of evaluators. If a specific IEE evaluator is desired, the name must be provided so that the District may:
    1. Verify the qualifications, certifications and/or license of the evaluator (34 CFR 300.502[e]);
    2. Determine that the fee rate for the IEE is within the limits specified in this document.
    3. Initiate and negotiate a contract with the evaluator.

      These measures will be taken if the District is considering funding the IEE.

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