IEE Fees

​Criteria for determination of IEE fee

  1. The District will pay a fee not to exceed the routine and reasonable fee for the IEE, performed by a qualified professional in the local area. A routine and reasonable fee is based on an average of a random sampling of fees charged by professionals providing the service in the District’s area.
  2. The District will not pay excessive fees. An excessive fee is defined as one which is more than 25% higher than the routine and reasonable rate as defined in C1 for an IEE within a 60-mile radius of the student’s District residence.
    1. Upon receipt of a request for payment of an excessive fee, the District may request a due process hearing to challenge the right of the parents to be reimbursed at such a fee level.
    2. Parents will be allowed the opportunity to demonstrate to the District that unique circumstances justify IEE reimbursement that does not fall within the criteria defined in C1 and C2.
    3. When an IEE evaluator has a sliding scale fee based on parent income, the District will reimburse only an amount equivalent to the charge based on the parents’ income or actual charge whichever is less.
    Any travel cost for evaluators or parents will in no case exceed the District’s rates for travel as established by the District’s guidelines.

Steps for parents seeking reimbursement for unilaterally obtained IEEs

  1. The district will not consider a parent request for payment for a unilateral parent-initiated IEE unless the District receives a written request within a reasonable time after receipt of the results of the evaluation. A reasonable time id defined as 15 calendar days subsequent to the first IEP meeting held after completion of the IEE report.
  2. An original billing form must be submitted to the District prior to any reimbursement being made. Before any reimbursement is made, all criteria discussed in this policy must be met and the written evaluation report received.
    1. The District will deny payment of IEE conducted by an evaluator who does not meet the minimum qualifications as defined elsewhere in this policy;
    2. The District will deny payment for an IEE that does not meet the minimum state and federal criteria for educational identification of the specific handicap(s) discussed in the IEE.
    Upon request for District reimbursement for a unilaterally parent-initiated IEE, the District may request a due process hearing to prove its own evaluation is appropriate.

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