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🏐 Setting up Skills


This season is an exciting new beginning for all three high school girls volleyball teams. Rubidoux, Patriot, and Jurupa Valley High School are all showing off their new coaches and skills out on the court. 

RHS volleyball player preparing to serveRubidoux Falcons gained Victor Leano, Jurupa Jaguars acquired Liana Manū, and Patriot Warriors obtained Tylia Dixon. Guiding and coaching each team comes with its own skills needed to pass on to the girls. Their different methods of teaching have led to the girls improving and even teaching their coaches a thing or two. 

“I’m learning every day. It’s been a fun season,” said Coach Leano. “I am very lucky at Rubidoux. A lot of our girls are ASB, high academic kids. They take what they learn in the sport into their real lives every day, in the classroom, [and] in the community.” 

The players’ commitment to volleyball has taught them skills that have been applicable to other aspects of their lives. “Being able to be outspoken, we have been more communicative towards our teachers and in getting jobs. Volleyball has improved our communication skills,” said Vivien Guerrero, co-captain of the Rubidoux’s girls volleyball team. 

Coach Manu and her JVHS teamMartina Karako, co-captain for Patriot’s girls volleyball team can also relate, “[Working together and communication] transferred over. It's the same idea. Taking on a leadership role has helped me in group projects and assignments. It has helped me be more vocal.”

Similarly, Coach Dixon has also taken away several new skills from her girls on the court. “There are different things that I see [now], that I didn't see when I was actually playing on the court,” Coach Dixon said. Watching from the sidelines, coaching has taught her about patience and understanding in order to be a good leader for the girls on and off the court. 

PHS volleyball player servingOnce a player herself at Jurupa Valley High School, Coach Manū returned to lead the girls volleyball team this season. JVHS has an all-new Varsity team with the exception of the returning team captains, Daisy Delgado and Kailani Koneferenisi. This year, the girls have grown to be a tight family. The team has a closer connection with each other, making it easier to play. 

Coach Manū wants to pass it forward to her ‘Lady Jags’ because of her time as one when she was a student. “I know what impact [volleyball] had on my life and so I'm here to give back to these girls. I was once in their position and I'm super happy to continue on the Lady Jag legacy,” She said. 

Volleyball is not all fun and games though. The team puts in the dedication and time to keep improving. “You have to work for what you get. Hard work pays off,” said Daisy.