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Developer Fees/School Facility Fees

 The Jurupa Unified School District will accept payment in the form of CASH, MONEY ORDER, CHECK or CASHIER'S CHECK. Debit or Credit Cards are not accepted.

As of April 21, 2018:

Fee Level – Type of Construction        Cost Per Square Foot
Level I - Related to ALL Residential Development. Including
Residential Room Additions Greater than 499 Sq. Ft.
$3.79/Sq. Ft. 
Level I - Commercial Construction (Industrial, Hotel & Motel) $0.61/Sq. Ft. 

 ​Payments are to be made in person at the following location:

Jurupa Unified School District

Planning & Development Department

4850 Pedley Road

Jurupa Valley, CA 92509


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, except holidays, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm​

Closed for lunch between 12:00pm -1:00pm

​For questions please contact:

JUSD Planning & Development: (951) 360-7845 or (951) 361-6571​​


Financial Transparency

​Why a Community Facilities District?

The method of the collection of annual special taxes through the formation of a Community Facilities District (CFD) is used not only by school districts; but by cities, counties and other governmental agencies in California. Local funding generated by CFDs is an important component of the District's overall facilities program. CFD is a financing mechanism provided by the District to developers to fund developer fees that are imposed on new residential and commercial/industrial development. In return, the District receives funds greater than those it would have received if developer fees were collected at the time that building permits were issued- in most cases, the District receives 120% of the current Level 2 (if levying Level 2 fees) or current Level 1 Fee amount (the district currently levies Level 1 school fees) through the CFD.

How do CFDs help our schools?

Funding from the CFD is used to finance facilities within the boundaries of the CFD to accommodate students generated from the new residential development. To be clear, accommodating does not always translate into a new school being built. Rather, the CFD funds are used at the school district sees fit to most efficiently serve the new students whether via an existing, or new, school facility. Examples of ways funds from CFDs are used by school districts to accommodate students are purchase, construction, expansion, ​improvement, rehabilitation of school facilities.

How does it affect me as a homeowner?

When the formation of a CFD is proposed by a district, city, county, etc., qualified electors (landowners) within the boundaries of the CFD to be formed hold a special tax election. In this election, a two-thirds vote must be received approving the levying of the special tax. This tax, if approved, will create revenue to finance facilities and/or services within that CFD. The revenue from this tax can be used to pay directly for facilities and/or services, and/or pay debt service from bonds or other debt for which the proceeds are used for financing facilities within the CFD. These taxes are calculated based upon the annual special tax rate determined for each property category (i.e. developed property, approved property, undeveloped property, etc.) and is secured by a continuing lien and levied annually against non-exempt real property within the district.​

School Fee Justification


On January 24, 2018, the State Allocation Board increased the maximum statutory school facilities fees,  also known as "Level 1 fees," levied pursuant to Education Code Section 17620 et seq. This resulted in an increase to "Level 1 fees" to $3.79 per square foot on new residential construction and $0.61 per square foot for commercial/industrial construction.

Cooperative Strategies, a Public Finance and Planning Consultant, prepared a "School Fee Justification Study" to update both the residential and commercial/industrial statutory school facilities fees which substantiates the continuing need by the district to collect such fees in the maximum allowable amount. Prior to presenting the fee studies and Resolution No. 2018/40, which adopts the updated statutory school fees referenced in the studies, to the Board of Education, both the Residential and Commercial/Industrial Fee Justification Studies were available for public review and comment from February 9, 2018, through February 20, 2018 in the Office of Planning & Development and on the district website.

In addition, at its February 20, 2018 regular scheduled meeting, the Board of Education held a public hearing to receive input and testimony on levying Level 1 Fees as proposed in Resolution No. 2018/40, which proposed increasing the district's Level 1 fees to $3.79 per square foot for residential construction and $0.61 per square foot for commercial/industrial construction. After the public hearing, the Board of Education reviewed and adopted Resolution No. 2018/40, approving the proposed increase to Level 1 Fees. These new fees will go into effect on April 21, 2018. For more information regarding school facilities fees, please view the "Developer Fees" page.

Below are links to the approved Resolution No. 2018/40 and copies of the adopted School Fee Justification Studies:

Adopted Resolution No. 2018/40 - Statutory School Fees Imposed on New Residential and Commercial/Industrial Development

Feb. 8, 2018, Residential Development School Fee Justification Study 

Feb. 8, 2018, Commercial/Industrial Development School Fee Justification Study

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