Welcome to the Department of Planning & ​Development

Contact: (951) ​360-4156

It is our privilege to serve the students, staff, and community in our district. The mission of the Planning & Development Department is to build and modernize school facilities that are safe, functional, modern, and relevant for the 21st century, in a cost-effective manner, and in collaboration with district stakeholders. By doing so, we promote the district’s promise of Learning Without Limits, helping to empower each student to unlock their potential and succeed in school, in career, and in life.

Planning & Development Department Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the District’s Long-Range Facilities Master Plan
  • Budget, design, plan, and seek funding for construction and modernization of district schools and facilities
  • Oversight of the district's new construction and modernization projects from start to finish
  • Monitor all residential and commercial developments within the district boundaries to determine potential enrollment impact to schools
  • Assist with acquisition of sites when new schools are necessary
  • Review and evaluate school site space utilization to monitor space capacities
  • Provide information to the 2014 Measure EE Citizens’ Oversight Committee
We always welcome the input of students, staff, and the community on what is important to them when planning school improvement projects - is it school safety and security, repairing or replacing aging infrastructure, modernizing to improve accessibility,  providing labs and technology to support hands-on science education? Please take our survey to let us know by clicking HERE.​

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JUSD Facilities Newsletter



Jurupa Valley school building, built in 1935, now dedicated to decorated Navy veteran

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, the Jurupa Unified School District held a special dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony at West Riverside Elementary School. The event was in honor of the restoration of a long-neglected 1935-era building on the campus as well to dedicate the building to a distinguished alumnus of the school. The West Riverside School, originally called the Jurupa School, was established in the 1850s. It was moved to its present site at Riverview Road and Mission Boulevard in the 1860s after the first adobe building, which was located closer to the Santa Ana River, was washed away in a flood. The school’s present spot — in what’s today Jurupa Valley — may be the longest continuously used school site in California.


Robots and race cars: among students’ projects at Jurupa Valley High’s new innovation center

Anamaria Mejia Dominguez, 17, and Lalita Thavisay, 16, both juniors, are studying the vehicles’ aerodynamic designs. Warren Dayton, 18, a senior, is looking at their mechanics and fabrication, while team leader Jaden Harrod, 17, a senior, is overseeing their assignment: designing and building a small race car that they plan to take out on a race course in a few months “It’s interesting to take our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and apply it to a physical object,” Thavisay said during a recent morning class.

'One-stop' Parent Center opening in Jurupa Valley

They register their kids in one place, head elsewhere for a bus pass and go to another location for language testing. Parents must travel a lot to receive various services in the Jurupa Unified School District. That will soon come to an end.

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