About Jurupa

At Jurupa Unified School District, we believe that with a positive mindset, every child can succeed. Our schools and programs are founded on proven educational strategies, supported by the latest research in neuroscience and are designed to promote the personal and academic growth of all students. We empower each child to unlo​ck their potential to achieve in school, caree​r, and life—wherever it takes them. 

We call this learning without limits. L​earning without limits means our district provides an array of opportunities for each child. Our wide-ranging programs offered in and out of the classroom support and engage students from early childhood through high school. Students cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop resiliency, and are challenged to think creatively —essential qualities for personal development, academic growth, and an individual's sense of achievement at every level. 

Our approach is grounded in research and science but would not be possible without the dedication, commitment, and resolve of our compassionate team of educators and staff. Jurupa Unified School District encourages students to grow personally, achieve academically, and unlock their full potential as scholars and people, believing that with a positive mindset, every child can succeed.