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Recipes for Success


The Challenge:

Students of a new CTE Survey Course at Patriot High School were exposed to multiple pathways - including media design, video production, construction, and retail - as they participated in the first Food Truck Challenge.
Guided by Mr. Jose Perez, CTE teacher, each team created their own food truck name, business plan, menu, layout, and logo, while the video production class supplied promotional videos. Team CEOs presented their projects during a virtual competition, and four judges awarded pretend investments to their favorite food trucks. The truck with the greatest investment was declared the winner.
The Food Trucks:
Poster for Kung Pow NowKung Pow Now​

In her presentation, CEO Abigail Zamora declared there are multiple Chinese restaurants in Jurupa Valley but no Chinese food trucks. Kung Pow Now would go directly to the customer.
“I definitely learned that owning a food truck is not easy,” said Abigail. “I realized the cost needed [to own] a food truck and start a business is a lot.”
Special: beef dumplings coated in Hot Cheeto crumbs.

Poster for MariscosMariscos
The Spanish word “mariscos” translates to “seafood” or “shellfish” in English. Motivated by the lack of authentic Mexican seafood trucks in the community, Jolette Rodriguez and her team believed their fresh seafood truck was worthy of investment.
“I enjoyed making new friends and exploring new things, like learning how to be a leader,” said Jolette. “The reason why I like mariscos is because it is one of the things in my culture.”
Special: ceviche.

Poster for MSBBMerica Styled Big Burgers (MSBB)
MSBB boasted an inexpensive menu, featuring burgers for $4.99, fries for $1.00, and free water. Victoria Ramirez and her team expected their goal of giving back to the community would set their business apart from competitors with high prices.
“Something that motivated my team to make this food truck was seeing homeless and the less fortunate struggling,” said Victoria. “We wanted to create somewhere they can feel welcome and eat cheaper.”
Special: a cherry pie for $4.99.

Poster for Totec'sTotec’s Obsidian Butterd Flies
Gabriel Lester and his team proposed using bug food to expand horizons and bring Aztec flavor and culture to the Jurupa Valley community.
“The inspiration came from [visiting] the Aztec pyramids where I tried bug food for the first time,” said Gabriel. “My favorite food trucks have cuisine from another country that I have not tasted before.”
Special: a deep-fried scorpion with lemon juice, salt, and parsley. Mr. Perez sampled the dish himself and was not a fan. Special guest, Superintendent Elliott Duchon, remained optimistic: “I’m all in. I want to try that scorpion.”

Poster for Waffle PalaceWaffle Palace
Miguel Sanchez and his team pledged that their waffle-centered food truck would bring new dishes and flavors to the Jurupa Valley food truck landscape.
“We thought it would be a nice idea to go with waffles,” said Miguel, “because it was different from many other food trucks.”
Special: waffles topped with syrup, whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries.

The Winner:
With a hefty investment of $437,000, Merica Styled Big Burgers won Patriot High School’s first Food Truck Challenge.

“It felt great to win,” said Victoria Ramirez. “I think the fact that we had low prices and wanted to give back to our community really pushed the judges to vote for our team.”