​English Documents and Forms

2023-2024 PARENT GUIDE.pdf
AB 2121 Form (Foster, Homeless, Unaccompanied Minors, Military, Migrant, Newcomers).pdf
AB9 Bullying Poster-English.pdf
Affidavit of Residency (If Applicable, With Utility Bill).pdf
Bullying Complaint Form.pdf
Caregiver Affidavit-English.pdf
Child Care.Employment Affidavit.pdf
Equity and Inclusion Diagnostic Executive Summary - Jurupa USD.pdf
Equity Diagnostic and Data Analysis - Summary of Findings Infographic - Jurupa USD.pdf
Equity Timeline.pdf
Homeless Assistance Declaration Form English.pdf
Mckinney form. English.pdf
Mckinney Vento Posting English.pdf
Student Discipline Handbook 2023-2024.pdf
Student Night-Time Residency Questionnaire.Affidavit English.pdf
Student Services Questionnaire English.pdf
UCP Annual Notification 2023-2024.pdf
William's  Posting.pdf
Williams and Valenzuela Complaint Form English Settlement.pdf

​Spanish Documents and Forms

2023-2024 Parent Guide SPANISH.pdf
AB9 Bullying Poster-SPANISH.pdf
Bullying Complaint Form SPANISH.pdf
Caregiver Affidavit- Spanish.pdf
Equity Diagnostic Sp.pdf
Homeless Assistance Declaration Form-Spanish.pdf
McKinney Vento Form_Spanish.pdf
Mckinney Vento Posting SPANISH.pdf
Student Discipline Handbook 2023-2024 SPANISH.pdf
Student Night-Time Residency Questionnaire.Affidavit-Spanish.pdf
Student Services Questionnaire- Spanish.pdf
UCP Annual Notification 2023-2024 Sp.pdf
William's  Posting SPANISH.pdf
Williams and Valenzuela Complaint Form Spanish Settlement.pdf

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