Maintenance and Operations
Work Order Prioritization

 A prioritization chart has been developed to assist district sites in submitting work orders/repair requests. This chart is designed to optimize service delivery to our sites when addressing facility issues that need repair

Work orders/repair requests are prioritized across all trades as follows:

  1. Emergency
  2. Urgent
  3. Routine
  4. Preventive Maintenance
  5. Desirable

The Maintenance Department completes over 1,000 work orders each month. The following criteria is used to define requests in order to determine prioritization:

Definition: Generally characterized by a dangerous or hazardous condition where immediate action is required to prevent a safety or health hazard, or prevent significant damage to district propertyDefinition: Manageable  conditions which require action to safeguard life, health, or District propertyDefinition: Normal degree of importance that needs attention but can be scheduledDefinition: Scheduled via the computerized work order systemDefinition: Requests that do not meet any of the previous definitions; subordinate to all other levels of importance
Flooding, fire, earthquake damage
Heating/Air Conditioning
Interior/exterior painting
HVAC filter changes
New bookshelves
Hazards to life or limb
Electrical outages/
Fire Alarm Troubles
Damaged ceiling tilesFire Alarm testing

Replacement of functioning building systems
Broken water main
Repair of a faucet
Fire Hydrant testing
Gas leaks
Lock problems affecting site operation
New/Replace keys
Sewer stoppages
Toilet stoppages/Major leaks
Audio Visual repairs/Whiteboards/

Playground equipment & fencing​
Unsecured buildings
Broken windows


The procedure for reporting or submitting a work order request to Maintenance & Operations is as follows: 

  1. Emergency Work Request: To be reported by any site staff via telephone to (951)360-2761
  2. Urgent Work Request: To be reported by any site staff via telephone to (951)360-2761,  and subsequently the designated school site staff should submit a work order 
  3. Routine and Desirable Request: To be entered in the work order system by designated staff at the school site​​

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