Superintendent's Welcome

​​​Picture of Superintendent Elliott DuchonWelcome back to school in its 2020-2021 school year form. Distance learning, masks, social distancing, quarantines, this is not the new normal. It is not normal at all, but it is what we need to do. In the same way as when we stop when red lights flash on a school bus, or the crossing g​​uard says stop, or we check-in all visitors to schools, we protect our children. This, we must do. While we may not all agree on the best path, we certainly can agree that protecting our children is not negotiable. We also know that educating our children is not negotiable, and that we will do. Every student has and, by the way, for the past five years has had his or her own computer. We are blessed with excellent teachers and remarkable support staff and incredible administrators. Distance learning is not the same as in-person instruction, but it will be high quality and use the same curriculum our teachers teach day in and day out. If anyone can do a great job of teaching our children, it is Jurupa’s teachers and they will use their skills and dedication to deliver the best education possible in these very difficult times.

The greatest strength of our country and the Jurupa Community is people— you, your children, your families and your neighbors. Working together to keep our children safe, to educate them, and ultimately tame the Novel Coronavirus we can become stronger. Hardship is not a stranger to us, we have prevailed before and we will this time.

This is my request. As a community let’s do everything we can to both protect our children and educate them without compromise. What does this mean? First, follow health precautions: wear a mask, keep social distancing, get tested if you think you are ill. You may not be sure these work, but it certainly won’t hurt and it just might save a life; a health provider, a first responder, a teacher or a child. Second, as a school district we are responsible for educating our children in Jurupa Valley and Eastvale. We could sure use your help right now. Make sure your students attend their online classes, do their schoolwork. Help your grandchildren, your neighbor’s children, each of our students in any way you can. They need fresh air, take them for a walk, let them run and play outside, help them with their homework, help them pick up their grab and go lunch, read to them or better yet, have them read to you. Thank you, thank you so much for all you do. Together, we can be the community that leads the way.

The title page for the Reopening Plan


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