Combating COVID-19


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” -  Nobel Prize Winner, Marie Curie.​​

Photo of a woman looking over paperworkAs Jurupa Unified works to understand the impact and magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, a partnership with Borrego Health brings repose to many who fear they are ill. In communion with JUSD, Borrego Health provides free COVID-19 screening and testing. You do not have to exhibit symptoms, have insurance, or wait in long lines. The screening process takes place in your own vehicle and you receive a phone call with your results within 7-10 business days.

On August 4th and 19th, Borrego Health’s Mobile Medical Clinic set up in the back parking lot of Rubidoux High School to serve the one hundred and twenty members of the community who scheduled a Telehealth appointment over the phone for free screening and testing. In addition, thirty drive-up screenings were administered each day.

Woman directing vehicle for COVID Test“The best part of Borrego’s screening and testing process is that it provides quick access to testing,” said Heidi Galicia, Borrego’s Director of School Based Health and Mobile Services, adding: “The average car spends only four to five minutes from the time they arrive to the time they leave. Testing is covered by most insurances, and those without insurance are tested for free. We don’t turn anyone away.”

Another great feature: there is no need to leave your car. Upon arrival, your vehicle is directed to a specified area where a member of Borrego’s healthcare team collects your sample, which involves a swab of your nose and/or throat.

Man in white coat receiving papers from man in scrubsWhat happens after the test? Within 7-10 business days, patients receive a phone call with the results from a doctor, physician’s assistant, or case manager. If the test is positive, information is given on self-isolating, monitoring symptoms, disinfecting surfaces, and ensuring that patients know what to do if symptoms worsen. In addition, those who test positive receive a follow up phone call each day until the fourteen-day self-isolation period has passed and a new test is administered.

“We quickly worked to establish COVID-19 testing to mitigate concern and fear of community members not being able to access testing,” said Jose Campos, Director of Parent Involvement & Community Outreach for Jurupa Unified, adding: “We are blessed to have established a strong partnership with Borrego Health.”

Together, JUSD and Borrego Health are helping community members take action on COVID-19, understand the screening and testing process, and quell the fear of the unknown.


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