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A clean, dry, pair of socks may seem like a simple everyday item that most take for granted. But for those in need, new socks can mean so much more – a sense of warmth, comfort, and hope.

Ms. Naupari's students posing with socks they collected to donateStudents across the Jurupa Unified School District help those who are less fortunate each fall with Socktober sock drives. Students at Nueva Vista High School and Van Buren Elementary School were among those who participated in this year’s sock drive.

Nueva Vista has participated in Socktober for many years. This year, students collected 437 pairs of socks, which were donated to the Path of Life Ministries in Riverside.

Teacher Leslie Naupari coordinates the effort. 

“Everyone loves that feeling of a fresh pair of socks. Unfortunately, there are many in our communities who don’t have that opportunity. We are able to provide socks just to give them a little bit of relief,” she said.

Participating in Socktober helps to fulfill a community service requirement for graduation, but students often participate even if they don’t need that credit, Ms. Naupari said.

“Even those who don’t need the community service hours, they still participate because they want to show that compassion to members of their community.”

Van Buren students placing donated socks into their 'monster box'This marked the first year that Van Buren Elementary students participated in Socktober. Fourth-grade teacher Anahy Rodriguez organized the effort as a simple and economical way for families to give back. Students across the campus were encouraged to put socks in the “sock monster” box Ms. Rodriguez kept in her classroom. The school collected 636 pairs of socks, which were donated to the Path of Life Ministries.

“I think it would be… a glimpse of hope…that there is hope still out there….for families to be able to receive something when maybe they’ve lost everything," Ms. Rodriguez said.

Both Ms. Naupari and Ms. Rodriguez hope their lessons instill a sense of kindness and empathy that students can carry with them for a lifetime.

“We aren’t only just developing good academic students, we want them to be good citizens as well,” Ms. Naupari said. “As they graduate high school and go out into the community, we want them to be upstanding, we want them to be compassionate toward others, we want them to be responsible. By having these opportunities on our campus we feel that we’re giving them a head start into their adulthood.”

Students said they enjoyed the opportunity to help others.

NVHS student organizing socks to donate to the Path of Life shelter

“I just like to help other people…some people don’t have what we have,” said Van Buren 4th grader Dominic Smith.

“I think it’s important for students to learn how to help one another, especially those in so much need,” said Nueva Vista Senior Angie Feregrino. “It makes me feel great because I know I’m helping probably a kid that really needs… some kind of form of love.”

Nueva Vista senior Joseph Chapa agreed.

“It matters because just a simple thing could go a long way for people,” he said.​​​​​


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