2020 Retiree Spotlights

Happy Retirement!

We want to thank the following JUSD Retirees for their years of dedication, hard work, and service to staff, families, and most importantly, our students.

Eddie Moreno - Bus Transportation Assistant for Transportation, 9 Years of Service
Eddie was a dedicated​ special needs bus driver and later became a Bus Transportation Assistant. We wish him a long and healthy retirement.

​​Photo of Carlos Lopez, Retired Custodian for Sunnyslope
Carlos Lopez - Custodian for Sunnyslope Elementary, 13 Years of Service
Carlos Lopez was part of the Sunnyslope family as a custodian. Carlos was always concerned with doing his job well and making sure the campus was safe for staff, students, parents, and visitors. Carlos took pride in his work and had a friendly smile. Best wishes!

Photo of Jaime Valencia, Retired Carpenter for M&O
​​Jaime Valencia - Carpenter for Maintenance and Operations, 20 Years of Service
His enthusiasm and work effort was contagious. Jaime was always willing to share the knowledge that he acquired during his years as a roofer and carpenter. We will miss his positivity, but are happy for him and the adventures he’ll enjoy during his retirement years!

Photo of Lawrence Hancock, Retired Head Custodian for Sunnyslope
Lawrence Hancock - Head Custodian for Sunnyslope Elementary, 24 Years of Service
​Lawrence Hancock was part of the Sunnyslope family as a custodian. He was very accommodating to the needs of the school and took pride in his work. Larry made sure the campus was clean and safe for all; especially for our students and staff. He was also a role model for our students. Best wishes to Larry during this new stage of his life.

Photo of Corrine Orozco, Retired Speech & Language Pathology Assistant for Education Services
Corrine Orozco - Speech & Language Pathology Assistant for Education Services, 13 Years of Service
Corrine always worked hard to expand her knowledge as she strived for excellence as a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. She often collaborated with her peers on how to best support her students. Corrine scoured thrift stores for fun objects and toys that would interest and encourage communication with the students she served. She shared her love of animals with students by rescuing many strays that wandered onto campus. Now she will have the time to pursue her love of travel, camping, and nature.

Photo of Michael Munoz, Retired Sprinkler Tech for M&O
Michael Mu​n​​oz - Sprinkler Technician for Maintenance and Operations, 14 Years of Service
Mike worked for JUSD for 14 years. He started out as a sub and worked his way up to Sprinkler Technician. Mike was a very hard worker and got along well with all his co-workers. We wish him a long and healthy retirement.

Toni Estrada - Cafeteria Manager for Rubidoux High, 25 Years of Service
Toni was dedicated to serving our students at Rubidoux High School. Whenever we asked her to do something for our students she was always ready to do it. She always went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure all students had their meals each day in a timely manner. She was flexible and always happy to help our students.

Photo of Charlie VanDever, Retired Stock Clerk-Delivery Driver for Nutrition Services
Charlie VanDever - Stock Clerk-Delivery Driver for Nutrition Services, 25 Years of Service
Charlie was a very knowledgeable worker willing to help out sites in need. For the benefit of JUSD, he always looked to improve systems and procedures. His co-workers always found him friendly and pleasant to work with. Charlie will be missed, and we wish him well in his retirement years.

Photo of Ralph Ramos, Retired Special Services Bus Driver for Transportation
Ralph Ramos - Special Services Bus Driver for Transportation, 10 Years of Service
Ralph was a hard working and dedicated special needs bus driver. He was respected by everybody he came in contact with. We wish him a long and healthy retirement.

Photo of Susan Cadiz, Retired Assistant Superintendent's Secretary for Human Resources
Susan Cadiz - Assistant Superintendent's Secretary for Human Resources, 20 Years of Service
As Secretary to several Assistant Superintendents of Human Resources, Susan has played a significant role in the careers of so many employees of Jurupa over the years. She will be missed in Jurupa for so much, but we wish her all the best in retirement.

Photo of Donna Pontious, Retired Clerk Typist for Jurupa Valley High
Donna Pontious - Clerk Typist for Jurupa Valley High, 33 Years of Service
Donna has been a valuable asset to the Jaguar Team! Because of her vast knowledge, she could cover any desk seamlessly and always gave 100%. Dependable and hardworking, her organizational skills joined by her willingness to lend a helping hand make her a team player we will greatly miss.

Virgina Kirly - Activity Supervisor for Sky Country Elementary, 24 Years of Service
Virginia always came into work with a positive attitude. Her genuine concern for students and our Sky families was always evident. “Gina” and her personality will be irreplaceable. We wish her the best in her retirement.

Photo of Rosa Pantoja, Retired Bilingual Tutor for Sky Country
Rosa Pantoja - Bilingual Tutor for Sky Country Elementary, 16 Years of Service
Rosa has been a dedicated BLT. She always went above and beyond for every English Learner. Rosa made sure to always communicate with parents about their children’s progress, and worked with teachers to ensure they got the best support possible. Rosa will be a member of the Sky Country family that will be greatly missed.

Photo of Todd Beasley, Retired Middle School Teacher for Mira Loma Middle
Todd Beasley - Middle School Teacher for Mira Loma Middle, 25 Years of Service
Todd's Special JUSD Memory: "The first day at MLMS was important to me as I was the baby on campus. Finishing every year was always an accomplishment, and yearbook distribution was very satisfying." 

Todd will always be known as a humble and caring teacher. He has worked tirelessly to support students and staff. Todd will be sorely missed as one of MLMS’ pillars. 

Photo of Jim Beckley, Retired Elementary Teacher for Mission Bell
Jim Beckley - Elementary Teacher for Mission Bell Elementary, 35 Years of Service
Jim Beckley was hired as a teacher in 1985 and spent his entire teaching career at Mission Bell. Mr. Beckley was selected as the Elementary Teacher of the Year in 1992. Jim loved to see students grapple with new ideas and then master the skill and make it their own.

Photo of Monica Jarcy, Retired Elementary Teacher for Sunnyslope
Monica Jarcy - Elementary Teacher for Sunnyslope Elementary, 29 Years of Service
Monica Jarcy worked at Sunnyslope as an intervention and first grade teacher. She has a contagious smile that put many people in a good mood. Monica cared deeply for all students and put her heart into teaching. Best wishes!

Photo of Pamela Ogden, ELA and Honors ELA Teacher for Mission Middle
Pamela Ogden - ELA and Honors ELA Teacher for Mission Middle, 34 Years of Service
Pam had a passion to support all of her students with creativity and passion for the learning process. She is leaving a legacy of over 3 decades that all educators should aspire to follow. We love you, Pam!

Photo of Carol Palacios-Araiza, Retired Elementary Teacher for West Riverside
Carol Palacios-Araiza - Elementary Teacher for West Riverside Elementary, 19 Years of Service
West Riverside honors Carol Palacios-Araiza in her retirement after 30 years of dedication and commitment to teaching children.  We are so thankful for the many blessings she has given to our Dragon community. We are happy for her as she starts a new phase in her life dedicating her time now to a very special child – her granddaughter, Harper Anne. Congratulations, Mrs. Araiza!​

Photo of Kathleen Perez, Retired Elementary Teacher for Van Buren
Kathleen Perez - Elementary Teacher for Van Buren Elementary, 31 Years of Service
Kathleen's Special JUSD Memory: "I remember the fulfillment of opening so many young children’s eyes to the wonder of learning, as well as the joy of being a part of a wider community." 

Kathleen Perez has given Van Buren 31 years of her love, patience, hard work, creativity, and stellar teaching.  “We will miss you” are words that fall short to express how we feel. You will always be a part of our team and a part of many hearts and memories.​

Photo of Cathy Seidel, Retired Elementary Teacher for Del Sol Academy
Cathy Seidel - Elementary Teacher for Del Sol Academy, 28 Years of Service
Cathy's Special JUSD Memory: "At Indian Hills I taught the entire fourth grade class a dance to perform at our International festival. The dance was La Botella. The students dressed up, and it was a remarkable performance and they got a standing ovation!" 

Mrs. Seidel was known for her amazing art lessons. Under her guidance, students created colorful masterpieces which adorned school hallways. She is vivacious, active, and owns sled dogs. We wish her a long, healthy retirement and many fun rides with the sled team.

Photo of Denise Collins, Retired Senior Executive Assistant for the Superintendent's Office
Denise Collins - Senior Executive Assistant for the Superintendent's Office, 40 Years of Service
Denise's Special JUSD Memory: "A highlight of my time in Jurupa was restarting the JUSD Picnic in 2008. Every year, I enjoyed seeing our staff and their families, and the joy of the children while participating in the activities." 

Denise is 100% Jurupa. She is everything to everyone, right hand to the Superintendent, the Board, to principals, teachers, custodians, and everyone. There is no superlative superlative enough to describe Denise. She is the best and leaves her mark everywhere in Jurupa.


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