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Q: Can I start working when my employer signs the Request for Work Permit?
 No, you must have the work permit issued first before you can begin working.

Q: If I've graduated from high school, do I need a work permit?

A: Once a minor is no longer subject to the state's compulsory education laws, he/she is not considered a minor for purposes of the state's child labor laws (labor code 1286(c)) Therefore, a high school graduate does not require a permit and may work in any occupation. 

Q: If I have more than one job, do I need more than one work permit?
Yes, you will need a separate work permit for each job that you hold.

Q. Can a minor have more than one work permit?
A. Yes. A minor may work concurrently for more than one employer and, therefore, have more than one valid work permit. But, regardless of the number of employers and work permits, the total number of hours worked may not exceed the total number of hours allowed by law.

Q: When do work permits expire?
 Summer work permits expire five days after the beginning of the next school year.

Q: What ages are required to have a work permit?
Any student under the age of 18 who has not graduated from high school must have a work permit on file.

Q: Is a school always required to issue a work permit to an eligible minor?
A: No. It is solely within the discretion of the school district to determine whether a minor, who is still subject to the state’s compulsory education laws, may obtain a work permit and, therefore, be employed to work.

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