Parent Booster Clubs and Parent Organizations

Thank you for your interest in our schools. The below documentation is provided as a resource to those parents and community members that wish to volunteer to form or work with a Parent Booster, PTA or other Parent Organization. While booster clubs are separate legal entities from the school district, they work in partnership with the schools to support and help achieve common goals. Should you have any questions about the information provided, please contact your school site Administrator or Principal.

The information below is being provided for informational purposes only. Jurupa USD does not accept liability for the use of the resource documents, nor does Jurupa USD promote or endorse products or services provided by third-party vendors.  The information provided below is not intended to be specific or all-inclusive. It is the responsibility of the booster club/parent organization to fully understand all laws that govern the operation of the group and to determine the appropriate insurance needs and legal or other consulting service needs.

Please also refer to Board Policy 1230  and Admin​istrative Regulation 1230

1. PTA PTO Manual & Guidelines.pdf
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2. Sample Bylaws.docx
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3. PTA PTO Application.pdf
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Insurance ASCIP-Boosters 2019-20 Booster Flyer.pdf
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Insurance Flyer PTO-PTA Policy - Keenan_RV Nuccio.pdf
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