Parent Engagement and Outreach

All of our schools focus on student learning and success and know the incredible power you have -- as parents, guardians and families -- to help your child achieve that success.

Research shows that one of the best tools for student success depends on family and community involvement in their education. Every child benefits from a strong partnership between home, community and school.

Teachers really want and need your help. As part of our focus on student success, resources are available at all of our sites to support strategies that will strengthen the vital school + parent partnership. Many of our schools provide many ways to get involved and offer:

  • Free childcare for trainings
  • Free classes on parenting and on how to give kids effective academic support
  • No language barriers with translation services
  • Homework help with guidance on how to help students academically
  • Solving transportation problems through links with other parents
All of our elementary sites, middle sites, and Rubidoux High are Title I Schoolwide schools and use at least 1% or their Title I funding on Parent Outreach and Training. They also have active PTAs and Boosters who provide opportunities for parents to be involved at the sites. Find out the parent involvement opportunities available to you by contacting your child's school, Jose Campos, Director of Parent Involvement and Community Outreach, or review opportunities on our webpage.

Parent Resources: For more than a century, the National PTA has been the leader of parental involvement. Among its wealth of resources are the National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs and project ideas.

National PTA: 

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