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Do you have a golf cart with a flat tire? A site van that needs a jump start? Please fill out the form and we'll work to get someone to your site. 

White Van Request ​($0.655 per mile)
Have district business or need to transport a small group of students? Our white vans seat a driver and sevenFord Transit.jpg passengers. Any staff member ​interested in driving a white van must be cleared by Risk Management prior to submitting their request. Any White Van Request submitted with a student count above the listed capacity or with a driver not previously cleared will be declined.

Looking to take your third graders on field trip? Does the football team have an away game? ​​Have an AVID trip up the coast? Different transportation options are list below, but can all be requested using the Field Trip Request link above. Field Trip Requests must be submitted at least 21 days prior to your trip.
District School Buses ($69.53/hr)
Our district school bus capacity is 52. This may vary slightly if your are planning a trip for our younger students (TK, Kinder, 1st grade). Please contact our office if you have any questions on capacity for your age group. 
Charter School Buses (Starting at $590 for the first 5 hours, $95/hr beyond initial, plus $2.50/mi)
Charter school bus capacity is 52. Transportation will do their best to secure the least expensive charter school bus, however, some company rates exceed those listed above.
Charter Coach Buses (Price varies)
Charter coach buses​ are the most expensive option for trips. These buses are usually limited to overnight, long distance trips.

Box Truck Request (Daily, weekly, monthly rates based on size)
Our White Van Request does double duty and is also used to request ​a box truck. Like white vans, your driver must be cleared by Risk Management. We work with Enterprise Truck Rental to supply box trucks when needed. Box truck sizes range from 15' to 26'. Requested size should be indicated in the comments section of the request, as well as requested pick up time. If no time is listed, we will use a default time of noon. Once approved, you'll recieve a confirmation email with pick up location.

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