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Dear JUSD Family,

​The fires during the past few days have been extremely unsettling for everyone in the Jurupa Community. I’m so proud of our JUSD family. I have never seen more evidence of caring people and better service to our students and community members. In this crisis situation, everyone pulled together to ensure the safety and comfort of our students, parents, and community members.

Each of you knows your part and how you helped during this frightening and uncertain time. Thank you so much; I have never been prouder. Some of you were up in the middle of the night, some of you worked way beyond your usual schedule and duties, some of you volunteered at other sites, and all of you came together for the children of Jurupa. This is the very heart of Learning without Limits; you are a shining example.

Thank you so much. It’s my personal honor to serve with you.

Elliott Duchon