Notice of Intent

​Notice of Intent


Project: Patriot High School Stadium Improvement Project
Lead Agency: Jurupa Unified School District
Applicant: Jurupa Unified School District
Review Period: August 30, 2023 to September 28, 2023 (30 days)

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Jurupa Unified School District (JUSD) has prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) for the Patriot High School Stadium Improvement project. Pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 21165 and the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines (CEQA Guidelines) Section 15050, the Jurupa Unified School District is the lead agency for the project. The purpose of this notice is to (1) serve as a Notice of Intent (NOI) to adopt the IS/MND and (2) advise and solicit comments regarding the content of the IS/MND. 

PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is on the southern side of the existing Patriot High School (Patriot HS) campus located at 4355 Camino Real in the City of Jurupa Valley. The Patriot HS campus is bound by Mission Boulevard to the north, Camino Real and single-family residential uses to the east, Jurupa Road to the south, and Bethel Road and Garth Street to the west. See Figures 1, Regional Location, and 2, Aerial Photograph. 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The stadium improvements would be constructed in three phases. The proposed project would construct new stadium lights, a new scoreboard, new home and visitor bleachers, a 3,000 square foot concession/restroom building, and a metal screen. The bleacher capacity would increase from 585 seats to 3,530 seats (combined home and visitor bleachers). The new stadium lighting would be installed surrounding the track and field and the varsity baseball field. The proposed project would generate an additional 20 events per season (60 events per year) at the stadium and up to an additional 15 events on the varsity baseball field. 

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: The JUSD has prepared an Initial Study to determine the proposed project’s potential impact on the environment. The JUSD has determined that the proposed project may have a significant effect on the environment, but by implementing the identified mitigation measures, the proposed project's impacts could be reduced to less than significant levels. Accordingly, the JUSD intends to adopt an MND. 

PUBLIC REVIEW AND COMMENT: The JUSD invites you to comment on the IS/MND. The IS/MND will be available for a 30-day public review from August 30, 2023, through September 28, 2023. We ask that any person wishing to comment on the IS/MND provide written comments by the end of the public review period at 5:00 p.m., September 28, 2023.

Copies of the IS/MND are available for review at the following location:
Jurupa Unified School District
District Office
4850 Pedley Road
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

The document can also be accessed online at: 

You may send comments by email or mail to the addresses below: Jurupa Unified School District Robin Griffin, Director, Planning & Development 4850 Pedley Road, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509 

Board Meeting: A board meeting has not yet been scheduled. A separate notice of board meeting will be circulated pursuant to all applicable public noticing requirements once a board meeting has been scheduled.
Date: August 30, 2023
Robin Griffin, Director, Planning & Development
Jurupa Unified School District
Figure 1, Regional Local
Figure 2, Aerial Photograph

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Figure 1, Regional Local
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Figure 2, Aerial Photograph