JVHS Presents: Animal Farm

cast of animal farmFrom November 16th-19th, Jurupa Valley High School’s theatre department performed Animal Farm, based on the novel by George Orwell.

Animal Farm is about a group of animals that stage a rebellion against their farmer and end up taking over the farm,” shared Helena Shaer, JVHS theatre director.

Students suggested the play because the novel is assigned as required reading in high school. Though designed as “Reader’s Theatre” - a style in which actors present dramatic readings without costumes, props, or scenery - Ms. Shaer and her students added features to make Animal Farm a full, engaging play with action and enough roles for many students to participate. 

“At first, it was chaos,” admitted Alexa Masi, theatre student. “We did not think this was going to work. It just all of a sudden pulled together.” Ms. Shaer credits her students, most of whom had never performed for a live audience, for their hard work in bringing the play to life.

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