PHS Presents: Radium Girls

Radium Girls​From November 4th-6th, Patriot High School’s theatre department performed Radium Girls, a dramatic play inspired by the true story of dial painters who became ill from exposure to radium in the 1920s. The play was originally meant to be performed in the spring of 2020, but the pandemic resulted in its cancellation. 

“We’re doing this production to honor that class of 2020 that was not able to complete this production,” shared Juana Rodriguez, PHS theatre director. “We have a mixture of students that were in the original production and also new individuals that are bringing new life to the characters. And I think it just really brings us full circle, that this was the show that we were working on before shutdown, and now the show that we are coming back and opening our doors with.”

Theatre students enjoyed working with challenging, hard-hitting material and portraying fleshed-out, complex characters.

“My favorite part of this production is sharing the story,” said Jenna Gage, who played the lead role of Grace Fryer. “[These women] really suffered and I hope we are doing their story justice. It was nice to learn about this part of history and bring light to it.”

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