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May 14, 2020​ 
An Update on Senior Graduation​



May 2, 2020​ 
There is an agenda item on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting intending to rescind or alter the health and safety directives given through executive order by Riverside County Health officials requiring social distancing, face coverings, large gatherings of people, and school closures.  However, schools in Jurupa Unified School District will remain closed for the rest of the school year per AB 117 and the required shelter-in-place guidelines ordered by Governor Newsom and by state and county health officials.  State and local guidelines that restrict large gatherings will remain in place, therefore, all graduations, promotions, and other school activities will remain postponed in order to protect the health and safety of our students, families, and community.

Elliott Duchon, Superintendent​​

April 22, 2020 

2020 Virtual Graduation Letter​​ 

To Our Graduates and Our Community:​  

The school district is saddened that we will not be able to provide a traditional graduation ceremony for our seniors this year. The ceremony symbolizes one of the most important passages in a person's life and celebrates the accomplishment of completing a high school education. There is nothing that can replace the pomp and circumstance of the graduation ceremony. We are truly sorry, that at least for now, you will not have a traditional graduation and we recognize the disappointment that you all must feel during this challenging time.  

We are aware that there is a petition to postpone the 2020 graduations until December 2020. First of all, we want to celebrate our seniors now and that is why we are planning a virtual graduation for the end of the year. There is certainly a possibility that we will be able to have a traditional ceremony in the future. None of us knows what the future with COVID-19 will be like. Currently, we are under the order of the County Health Officer. This order prohibits large public gatherings and requires the closure of all public schools until June 19. We know we cannot have our stadium filled with people in a traditional graduation for some time to come. That time may be next fall or next winter or much longer than that. When the order prohibiting large public gatherings is lifted and we are allowed to fill our stadiums, we will certainly reconsider based on the information at that time. Because we are not public health officials, we rely on their expertise. It may be that such large gatherings will be permitted once a vaccine is available or there may be other factors that will provide health officials with the confidence that large gatherings are safe and permissible. That time is uncertain. Until then, we want to honor our graduates and celebrate their accomplishments in the best, legal, safest, and sincerest way possible. That is why we have selected a virtual graduation. We have engaged the services of professionals who have a track record in creating media productions for commercial television and media.

Since we know that we cannot hold a traditional graduation right now, and we have no idea when it may be possible, we feel this is the best way to honor our graduates. Until then, congratulations to our graduates! We are very proud of you and your amazing accomplishments. We know that together we will conquer COVID-19.


Silvia Ortega, Board President                       
Karen Bradford, Board Clerk                          
Linda Chard, Board Member                          
Robert Garcia, Board Member                       
Melissa Ragole, Board Member   
Elliott Duchon, Superintendent​
Paula Ford, Asst. Supt. Business Services
Dr. Trent Hansen, Asst. Supt. Org. Leadership & Planning
Dave Doubravsky, Asst. Supt. Education Services
Daniel Brooks, Asst. Supt. Human Resources​​

April 17, 2020 

Dear Graduates:​ 

You are coming of age during the COVID 19 pandemic.  It has disrupted your lives in ways great and small.  It will be a defining moment in the history of your generation.  I guarantee that we will survive as a community and as a nation. You are already part of the solution. Some of you have gone to work to support the financial needs of your family.  Some of you are caring for family members and helping younger brothers and sisters learn at home.  As Americans, with roots from nations the world over, we are strong, we fight and we survive. It is you and your generation that will carry many through this time. Thank you! 

There is a reward; we are gaining understanding and control of this Novel Coronavirus.  We are saving lives with our sacrifice. But, there is also a cost, and each one of us will pay in different ways. You have already lost most of the last semester of high school. There will be no prom and no senior activities. Our Governor and our County Health Officer have declared that schools will be closed until June 19th; no large public gatherings are permitted. But today, we are seeing the number of ill, hospitalized, and dying patients decrease. Thank you, because your sacrifices are exactly the reason this is happening.

One of the greatest sacrifices you will make this year is not having a traditional graduation. I know how important this is to you. I know because every year I stand at the podium and shake each of your hands. It is the highlight of my year and one of the greatest moments of your life.  But this year, your greatest moment will be that you helped save lives. Where there have been large gatherings, there have been people who became ill and sadly, some have died. Literally, you will have saved good people’s lives. I know that doesn’t take away the sting, but, it does give your sacrifice purpose. 

As a district, we have given much thought as to how we can make this up to you. We can’t.  However, it would be heartbreaking to me and our district to have your graduation dates come and go with no recognition of your achievement. We will celebrate your graduation with great pride, joy, and a Hollywood style production highlighting you. I know it’s not the same. You are special, and we want it to be as special as possible for you. Each high school, Jurupa Valley, Nueva Vista, Rubidoux, and Patriot, will have its own unique production. Yes, it is not the same.  However, it will be memorable and you will be remembered for the sacrifice you made for your families and community.

Be well and be strong.

Elliott Duchon, Superintendent 

April 1, 2020 

​School Closures Extended through June 19th 

Riverside County health officials have extended the closure of schools by executive order through June 19th. Therefore, Jurupa Unified schools will remain closed through June 19th, 2020. Information changes rapidly, and we will keep sending updates on any new information as we receive it. Food distribution will continue as planned.

March 27, 2020 

​​Dear Jurupa Unified Community, 

Thank you for your understanding and efforts during this unique and challenging time. This has been a time of hardship for many of you. All of us at Jurupa Unified are answering the call to do our part to help our community. During the last few weeks, JUSD has provided thousands of meals for the children in our community in an effort to assist families. Additionally, we have been hard at work preparing for increased distance learning opportunities and a suggested learning schedule for our students during school closure, both centrally through our district website, and directly from your student's teacher. Those resources can be found here

While school is closed, students are not required to complete assigned tasks. However, all instructional learning tasks have been and will be designed to both improve student's grades, and assist them in continuing to master the challenging standards for their grade level, preparing them for the next school year's content. 

Many teachers have reached out to students digitally in the past days, and professional development sessions are being offered to assist teachers with this challenging task. Beginning the week of March 30th, teachers will be providing learning opportunities for their students. These learning opportunities are optional, but we recommend strongly that students participate. 

Assistance with district-issued Chromebook devices will be provided.

Resources for home internet access will be provided.

If you have additional questions, please click here

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time. JUSD will continue to put every effort into ensuring that students are supported while at home during school closure. 


Elliott Duchon, Superintendent