​​​GoogleChromebook How To's
​​ ​​​View these videos on youtube to get an understanding of how Chromebooks can be used for your student's education:
Carrying your Chrome notebook
Chrome Web Store
Chromebook - Guided Tour
Chromebooks for Education Overview
Chromebooks for Education: For every Student
Introducing the Chromebook
Resetting a Chromebook Document
Resetting a Chromebook Video
Students! Treat Your Chromebook with Respect!
Understanding the Track Pad, Keyboard and File Storage
Updating Chromebook Document
Updating Chromebook Video
USB Charging Document
USB Charging How To Video
Using a Chrome notebook
What is Google Chrome OS?
​​ ​​​Webinars
​Chromebook Classroom: Become a Chrome Ninja webinar
Exploring Apps and Extensions Webinar
​​ ​​​Additonal Resources
Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts
​Chromebooks for Education Overview webinar
10 Google Chromebook Tips, Tricks and Tweaks
Work on Google files offline​
Chromebooks for Education keynote at FETC
​Chromebooks for Education - Case Studies
Organize your apps

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