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Digital exemplars

Technology is a powerful tool, and Jurupa Unified is committed to teaching students to use it safely, wisely and in ways that enrich rather than divide people, programs and communities. 

Toward that end, JUSD ensures that every student receives comprehensive digital citizenship training as part of the district's commitment to learning without limits. 

The result: Jurupa has been named a Common Sense District for 2017-18 – the second consecutive school year that JUSD has earned the distinction.  Common Sense Education, a national nonprofit that designs curriculum for healthy student Internet use, has certified JUSD as:

  • A Common Sense Showcase District, an honor that followed an in-depth examination of how the district is leveraging online safety training.
  • A Common Sense Certified District, earned after students and teachers met key benchmarks in completing digital-citizenship lessons and curriculum.

"To reach this benchmark in two consecutive years is rewarding," said Josh Lewis, Director of Education-Information Technology for JUSD.  "Issues in the news today – including questions about ethical uses of technology – offer a timely reminder of how valuable this training is for students."

The Jurupa Unified Board of Education recognized the Common Sense honor at the trustees' April 16 meeting.  JUSD's digital instruction varies by grade level and covers eight areas: Internet safety; privacy/security; relationships and communication; cyberbullying and drama; digital footprint and reputation; self-image and identity; information literacy; and creative credit and copyright rules.

Students especially appreciate the lessons on cyberbullying, "digital drama" and taking care with the "footprint" an individual leaves online, Jurupa teachers have said. 

Yet even as technology evolves, classroom values in Jurupa hold steady.  As Erika Krause, teacher and technology coordinator at Jurupa Middle School, said last year: "The values coming across are basically the respect they need online as well as in person.  Be respectful and have integrity with each other."