9000BBBB9000 Role of the Board8/17/2015
9010BBBB9010 Public Statements4/21/2014
9011BBBB9011 Disclosure of Confidential-Privileged Information1/5/1998
9012BBBB9012 Board Member Electronic Communications6/25/2018
9100BBBB9100 Organization10/5/2015
9110BBBB 9110 Terms of Office12/10/2018
9121BBBB9121 President6/25/2018
9122BBBB9122 Secretary to the Board of Education9/6/2011
9123BBBB9123 Clerk9/6/2011
9124BBBB9124 Attorney1/5/1998
9130BBBB9130 Temporary Board Committees1/5/1998
9140BBBB9140 Board Representatives9/19/2011
9150 ARAR9150 - Student Board Members4/17/2000
9150BBBB9150 Student Board Members6/25/2018
9200BBBB9200 Members Limits of Authority2/4/2008
9220BBBB9220 Governing Board Elections5/5/2014
9222BBBB9222 Resignation7/18/2016
9223BBBB9223 Filling Vacancies10/5/2015
9224BBBB9224 Oath Or Affirmation1/5/1998
9230BBBB9230 Orientation11/6/2017
9240BBBB 9240 Board Training5/14/2018
9250.1BBBB 9250.1 Compensation for Board Member Services6/25/2018
9251BBBB9251 District Group Insurance Programs - Board of Education2/18/2014
9260BBBB9260 Legal Protection1/5/1998
9270BBBB9270 Conflict of Interest10/17/2016
9271BBBB9271 Code of Ethics1/5/1998
9300BBBB9300 Governance1/5/1998
9301BBBB9301 Electronic Policy Manual4/17/2017
9310BBBB9310 Board Policies4/17/2017
9320EBB 9320 Exhibit Regular Board Meeting JUSD - 201812/11/2017
9320BBBB9320 Meetings and Notices11/5/2012
9321BBBB9321 Closed Session Purposes and Agendas6/26/2017
9321.1BBBB9321.1 Closed Session Actions and Reports1/5/1998
9322BBBB9322 Agenda-Meeting Materials4/15/2019
9323BBBB9323 Meeting Conduct3/13/2017
9323.2EE9323.2 Exhibit - Actions by the Board10/5/2015
9323.2BBBB9323.2 Actions by the Board10/5/2015
9324BBBB 9324 Minutes and Recordings5/13/2019
9330BBBP9330 Memberships1/5/2009

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