​Department​​​/Office​​​ Administrator​ Title​ P​hone​
Superintendent's Office​​
Ellio​​tt Duc​hon
Superintendent​ ​360-4168
Business Services​
Paula Ford
​Assistant Superintendent
Centralized​​ Support Services​​​
Jeffrey Lewis​
​Director 360-4102
Education-Information Technology​
​​​ ​ ​
Josh Lewis​
​Director 360-4185
​Matthew Hahn​
​Director, Database Administrator
Michael Roark Director, Network Administration
Veronica Gonzalez​
Coordinator​ ​360-4185
Fiscal Services​
Jacqueline Benson ​Director ​360-4107
Cindy Garcia​
Supervisor​ ​360-4107
Nutrition Services​
Mike Bynum​​ Director​ ​360-2776
Risk Management
Eric Jacklin​
​Director ​360-2777​
Nicole Dias​ ​Director ​360-2736
Education Ser​vices​
Dave Doubravsky​
​Assistant Superintendent
Administrative Services
Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez
​Director ​360-4140
College and Career Readiness
Roberta Pace​ ​Director ​360-4164
Curriculum and Assessment
​Lorraine Mooney
​Director ​360-415​8
​Elementary Education
Rosa Santos-Lee
Director 360-4172
Funding and Program Accountability
Terri Moreno
​Director ​360-4179
Head Start / Preschool

Coordinator 222-7850
Language Services / Student Programs
Martha Gomez
​Director ​360-4179
Parent Involvement & Community Outreach
Jose Campos Director 360-4175
Professional Development​
​John Allen
​Coordinator ​360-4135
Secondary Education​
​Jay Trujillo
​Director ​360-4174
Special Education
Michelle Markham​
​Director​ ​360-4144
Karina Becerra-Murillo
​Coordinator ​360-4144
​​Personnel Services
Tamara Elzig
​Deputy Superintendent
​​ Daniel Brooks Director ​360-4124
Planning and Development
Dr. Trent Hansen
Assistant Superintendent
Maintenance and Operations​​
Dana Toland​ Director 360-2761

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