Language and speech services and some specialized academic instruction are available at each school for students with exceptional needs. Enrollment in these classes will be based on the student's Individualized Education Program plan and space availability.

The Gifted and Talented Education Program offers differentiated instruction in the classroom to all those students who are in need of more advanced and challenging tasks, as well as a variety of extension programs at the school and district levels. We recognize the importance of meeting every child’s needs, especially those of our gifted students. We strive to find the best research-based instructional practices to bring to our students.

Three instrumental music teachers provide band instruction to students in grades 4th thru 6th at each elementary school, each week.

This is a unique educational program designed to develop bilingualism and biliteracy in English and Spanish, and is open to students who speak English only and students who speak a language other than English.


Jurupa Valley     Patriot     Rubidoux  
Agriculture and Natural Resources     Arts, Media and Entertainment     Agriculture and Natural Resources  
Forestry and Natural Resources     Media and Design Arts Pathway     Animal Science Pathway  
CTEIG Animal and Plant Science   CTEIG Intro to Multimedia   CTEIG Horsemanship
CTEIG Ag Geo Phy (may be getting new name)     Publication & Design   CTEIG Adv Horsemanship
CTEIG Ag Biology     Animation   CTEIG Ag Biology
Arts, Media and Entertainment     CTEIG Video Production   CTEIG Ag Geo Phy
Media and Design Arts Pathway     CTEIG TV Production   CTEIG Veterinary Sci
CTEIG IC3   Health Science and Medical Technology   CTEIG Ag Gov and Econ
  Photography 1   Patient Care Pathway     Ornamental Horticulture Pathway  
  Photography 2   CTEIG EMR Extended   CTEIG Ag Geo Phy
CTEIG Video Production   CTEIG Sports Medicine, Advanced   CTEIG Ag Biology
CTEIG Television Production   CTEIG Anatomy and Physiology   CTEIG Floral Design
Engineering and Architecture     Information and Communication Tech     CTEIG Adv Floral Design
Engineering Technology Pathway     Information Services Pathway     CTEIG Ag Gov and Econ
CTEIG Intro to Engineering Design   CTEIG Intro to Multimedia   Arts, Media and Entertainment  
CTEIG Principles of Engineering   CTEIG Robotics   Media and Design Arts Pathway  
CTEIG Computer Integrated Manufac   CTEIG AP Computer Science Principles   CTEIG Computer 1
      Marketing, Sales and Service     CTEIG Photography 1
Business and Finance **     Marketing Pathway     CTEIG Video Production
Business Management     CTEIG Advanced Retail Operations   Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation  
CTEIG IC3   CTEIG Integrated Marketing Commuincations   Food Service and Hosptiality Pathway  
CTEIG Intro to Business   CTEIG Retail Merch/ Student Store   CTEIG Culinary Arts
CTEIG Retail Sales and Marketing   Public Services     Health Science and Medical Technology
Information and Communication Tech   Emergency Response Pathway     Health Care Admin Services Pathway  
Information Support and Services     CTEIG Law Enforcement   CTEIG First Responders ROP
CTEIG IC3   CTEIG EMR Extended   CTEIG Healthy Living
CTEIG Microsoft IT 1   CTEIG Anatomy and Physiology   CTEIG Computer 1
CTEIG Microsoft IT 2   Public Safety Pathway     Information & Communication Tech  
? AP Computer Science Principles   CTEIG Law Enforcement   Media Support Services  
Building and Construction Trades     CTEIG Crime Scene Investigation   CTEIG Computer 1
​Residential & Commercial Construction Pathway     CTEIG Criminal Justice   CTEIG Computer Graphics & Design
CTEIG BITA Level 1         Transportation  
CTEIG BITA Level 2         Systems, Diagnositcs, Service & Repair Pathway  
CTEIG BITA Level 3         CTEIG Auto Collision and Repair
CTEIG BITA Level 4            
Transportation **              
Systems, Diagnositcs, Service & Repair Pathway              
CTEIG Auto 1            
CTEIG Auto 2            

Students can enroll in STEM Science courses at Mira Loma Middle and STEM engineering and technology pathways at Jurupa Valley High School which will allow them to explore the connections between science/engineering/technology and math.

This program is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program. A modified kindergarten curriculum that is age and developmentally appropriate for young students is provided. Students who turn five between September 1st and December 2nd will enroll in TK.

Band instruction, including string instruments, to students in grades 4th thru 6th at specific elementary schools, each week.

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