PUBLIC NOTICE: South Coast Air Quality Management District - Notice of Intent

​On November 29, 2016, SCAQMD issued a Notice of Intent to Issue "Permit To Construct/Operate" Pursuant to Rule 212. In summary, SCAQMD has received an application from Jurupa Unified School District to construct/operate  an emergency electrical generator at a location in the vicinity of Jurupa Middle School.  SCAQMD Rule 212 requires the applicant for certain projects, such as this one, to distribute a public notice prepared by the SCAQMD prior to the issuance of a permit.  This notice was distributed via a hard copy notice delivered by regular mail on November 29, 2016  to all residents within 1000 feet of 4740 Pedley Road.  The SCAQMD has evaluated that the chronic health risk associated with the operation of this proposed equipment is well below SCAQMD's rule of toxic thresholds.  If you have any questions with regard to this public notice, please contact the Jurupa USD Planning & Development Department at (951)361-6571.