JUSD PSSTWorld Reporting Tool

Students, Families and Community Members,

Jurupa schools are proud to launch a new school safety program, PSSTWorld, an Online Anonymous Reporting Tool for Students. Students grades four through high school will have the ability to use the reporting tool to help create a safer learning environment.

Promoting Safer Schools Together (PSST) enables students and school stakeholders to safely and confidentially report witnessed or suspected danger or misconduct, including: bullying; cyberbullying; harassment; abuse; drugs, weapons or gang crime; mental health concerns; suicidal thoughts; vandalism; and potential for school attacks.  

District staff will follow up on any tips in a safe, private and respectful manner.

The program has been rolled out in Jurupa and will be available for students through their Chromebooks in the bookmarks section.  The web-based platform, www.PSSTWorld.com, is accessible from any device connected to the Internet.  

In addition, the PSSTWorld Report It Now! button will appear on each school website and the JUSD website.  Students, school staff, parents and community members who click the button can fill out the sequence of questions about their experience and submit the information directly and anonymously (if desired) to school safety staff.  Individuals also can upload or attach screenshots or photos of what they have seen.

PSST.pngPSST encourages student participation as a core factor in school safety.  The program supports conflict prevention, intervention and efficient issue resolution.  Bystanders and victimized students are empowered to act. Would-be offenders are deterred.  Students, staff, administrators and caregivers now have an additional, confidential and simple-to-use mode of reporting dangers or concerns.

We encourage you to speak to your children about respecting themselves and others.  Please explain the difference between “telling” and “tattling” and note that the purpose of the tool is to get themselves or their friends OUT of trouble and not IN to trouble.  We encourage all students to report any and all forms of bullying, abuse, and violence in our schools to an adult, administrator, or through the PSSTWorld website.  Encourage your kids to talk to you about problems at school and report safety concerns.  

Together, we can minimize any and all forms of bullying, abuse and violence in our schools and ensure that we are creating a safer community.