Superintendent's Message

Children are natural learners, innately curious, and incessantly trying to master the world in which they live.  Watch young children play and you will see them patterning the world around them, sorting out complex social relationships and solving problems with one another.  My Early Childhood Education Professor used to always say, “Play is the work of young children.”
As educators, our task is to focus this sometimes free-wheeling energy.  Children seem to learn so many things naturally; to walk, to talk, to play.   As tasks become more complex, teaching and learning become more focused.  Visiting classrooms is one of the highlights of my job; it is also one of the most enlightening things I do. A day spent visiting grade levels in order is a real world lesson in child development.  Teaching children at every grade level involves different strategies and instructional methods; it is no simple task.  What we teach becomes more complex all the time.  Just take a look at high school math or science textbooks.

The point of public education is not that children learn; they do that naturally.  The point is that they learn things that society deems important.  That used to be the three R’s.  Now, we are teaching computing, problem-solving and very sophisticated concepts, even to young children.

 Our teachers, our classified staff and our administrators care about children.  Each and every day our children are treated to an environment designed to provide the best learning opportunities.  Our staff also cares about them as people.  Our motto, “Our children, Our Schools, Our Future,” reflects our commitment to each and every child.

Elliott Duchon, Superintendent