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Music Technology  
Music Production | Songwriting | Composition

 Learn how to record, mix, edit and produce digital music in the recording studio. 

Students enrolled in Music Technology will learn to use the digital audio workstation BandLab for Education. Available right on their Chromebooks, both programs allow students to create, collaborate, and share digital music using a wide variety of sound bites and loops. Students will also be able to create their own sounds, record their own instruments, and add them to projects in PAAM's recording studio.  

Music Technology class is a "pull-out" class that meets one (1) day per week during the school day.

Benefits of Music Technology

Students will learn real-world, hands-on skills that can be applied to future careers or something just for fun!

Project collaborations build teamwork skills
Foster creativity through composition and creation
Projects involve goal setting, planning, and time management
Boost self-confidence with leadership roles​

Careers using Music Technology

Sound Engineer
Music Producer
Sound Mixer

Music Supervisor (pick music to go into TVs and Movies!)

Video Game Audio Designer
Film Sound Designer
and more!​

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Music Tech Class enhances focus and creativity!

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