Music Classes

All students on campus receive music instruction at least once per week with their music teacher.

  • Pre-School-2nd grade receives General Music classes (singing, rhythm, movement, small instruments) to promote beginning music learning. 
  • In addition to General Music. 3rd graders will receive beginning instrumental music with rhythm, ukulele, and recorder.
  • 4-6th graders have the opportunity to pick a wind or string instrument 
  • Students may also participate in Choir
  • Piano classes are also offered for 2nd-6th grade.
  • Guitar Club is offered for 5-6th grade students. 

Why Learn to Play Music?

Research shows that playing music has a positive impact on academic achievement as well as social, emotional, and cognitive benefits. 

  • Build good habits like focus, diligence, and creativity
  • Improve fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination
  • Reduce anxiety & stress
  • Provide opportunities to boost self-esteem​
  • Have fun!
​Read more about it in the brochures below!​



Music & Social Emotional Learning