At Jurupa Valley High School, we have a spot for you! We believe that each student is as unique and special as the elegant spots which come together to create the timeless, desirable, sophisticated yet fashionable fur of a jaguar. Just as a jaguar powerfully maneuvers and rules the unpredictable challenges of the jungle, JVHS prepares our Jags with the knowledge and character needed to powerfully maneuver and rule through the various academic pathways which provide SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION for college and 21st century careers. 

Empowering, challenging, and inspiring with PRIDE—Passion, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence—are our core values of Jurupa Valley High School. Our vision, governed by our core values, guides our academic focus and influences our athletic and co-curricular activities. At JVHS, all students are provided with opportunities to practice our PRIDE core values daily. Our students understand that at JVHS, we focus on promoting individuals to become their personal best. Our faculty and staff strive to create an environment which allows all Jags to find their “spot” at JVHS. 

Our high school is filled with “Jagnificant Experiences and Moments” by creating and celebrating memorable moments recognizing our Jags’ successes. We encourage all students and parents to become engaged both inside and outside of the classroom. Connectivity and engagement with all that our school offers, is a key to academic success.
We continue to embrace the implementation of the Common Core, new testing standards and implementation of 1:1 Chromebook learning called Digital Gateway. Our caring staff, involved parents and committed students partner to focus on the daily commitment to make JVHS a great high school as we demonstrate our belief and daily commitment that our students will graduate college and be career ready.

At JVHS, a Jag’s spots run deep and never fade.