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Rubidoux High School Dress Code Policy


All students are expected to present themselves in an orderly manner, conducive to the advancement of education.  Appearance should be neat and acceptable.  Items that are disruptive or could cause situations that would diminish the safety of students will be prohibited.

Apparel, hats, jewelry, bandannas, insignias, colors, or paraphernalia that indicate an affiliation with a group or gang which may provoke others to act violently or be intimidated, may not be possessed or worn on campus or at school activities.

Clothing, apparel, and paraphernalia, which denote gang affiliation and are not appropriate for school will vary and may change from year to year.

The Rubidoux High School Administration will determine the nature of gang dress and paraphernalia in continued consultation with the Riverside County Sheriff Department and District Office personnel.  The Jurupa Unified School District Board of Education may set further specifics for rules relative to the dress and appearance of students, which will be enforced.

In the interest of student safety, teachers of non academic classes may impose additional dress standards for their individual classrooms.

Students are expected to wear or display the following:

  • Clothing that covers undergarments, midriff and buttocks (both males and females).
  • Shoes worn at all times.
  • Students may wear the following: beanies for cold weather are restricted to solid color ( black, white, or yellow). The insignia on any baseball style caps is restricted to an R, RHS or Falcons and must be school issued. Knitted caps and hoods may only be worn in very cold weather or rain (administration will determine when these may be worn)

Students may NOT wear, display or be in possession of:

  • Hats, bandanas, wave caps, beanies or any other form of headwear that is not school issued apparel.
  • Numbered apparel such as 187, 13, X3, 8,909,420, or others as determined by Administration and the SRO.                           
  • Any form of gang related attire. This includes Oakland Raiders, Raiders, and “LA” apparel of any kind, the Mission Bell and any “Old English” style lettering.
  • Gloves and Hoods (except as part of cold weather attire). Gloves and hoods shall not be worn in the classrooms, nor with t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, etc.
  • Overly brief garments such as tube tops, halter tops, strapless, off-the-shoulder, fishnet or see through garments.
  • Sagging pants with the buttocks exposed revealing underwear or athletic shorts, letters or numbered belt buckles and oversized belts. Bib overalls with the straps unbuckled, pajamas, slippers or sleepwear.
  • Spiked jewelry of any kind or long chains (including earrings or other piercing objects).​
  • Any clothing or appearance that is considered unsafe, lewd, indecent, vulgar, obscene or disruptive :( as determined by Administration).
  • Emblems, lettering or pictures pertaining to gang, drug, tobacco, alcohol, sex, death, mutilation, violence or a gang’s “silent code.” This includes but is not limited to any symbols that law enforcement considers to be drug related including KK, blunt, 420 or 8-ball (includes notebooks and backpacks and students own property kept in backpack or pockets).
  • Emblems, lettering or pictures which are crude, vulgar, profane, sexually suggestive or offensive, alcohol, or tobacco promotions (includes but not limited to: notebooks, backpacks and students own property kept in backpacks or pockets).
  • Emblems, lettering or pictures which advocate gender, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation or religious prejudice, For example: white/black/brown power, Hecho en Mexico, black pride, etc. (includes notebooks, backpacks and students own property kept in backpacks or pockets).
  • Hair lengths or styles which substantially disrupt, interfere with or distract the orderly conduct of the educational process or the learning atmosphere of the school or classroom.
  • Sunglasses indoors
  • CD players, headphones, I-pods, digital cameras or other similar electronic devices (RHS is not responsible for the loss, theft, damage, or vandalism of these objects).
  • Unauthorized photos of any student are an invasion of privacy and subject to disciplinary action (including those saved on personal cell phones or flash drives).
  • Cell phones during school hours (Under no circumstances may cell phones be used in the classroom or on campus between the 7:15-2:15; students refusing to relinquish a cell phone or any electronic device will be subject to immediate suspension from school). 

Dress Standard Definitions 

The term “baggy pants” means the waistline of the pants, located at the hipbone of the student when pulled and pinched will gather more than one inch of material.  Properly fitted pants will not gather more than one inch of material. Pant leg should not be baggy regardless of position of waistband.

The term “sagged pants” means the waistline of the pants is located below the hipbone of the student. Or that the crotch hangs away from the body regardless of position of waistband.  With the pants correctly worn the crotch of the pants will not hang away from the body.  Properly fitted pants incorrectly worn (below the hipbone) are “sagged pants.”

Violation of the dress standards will result in parent contact by school personnel, confiscation of the article, student placed in OCS, loaned a shirt, or sent home to change clothes and correct the violation.  This information contained in this packet and in The Student Planner is the only “warning” students will receive.  Repeat offenses will result in suspension from school.  Students and parents should continue to use good judgment when choosing their school clothing. Clothing must meet dress code guidelines even if received as a birthday or holiday gift.

Confiscated articles are not the responsibility of the school if they are lost or stolen.  Parents or guardians can pick up confiscated items from the main office. Any item not claimed within one month from date of receipt, will be discarded.


The JUSD Dress Code

Enforcement begins when student arrives on campus

The following clothing, jewelry, and personal items are prohibited:

Old English lettered apparel

“I Love Boobies” bracelets

13,909, IE, Mission Bell, or MOB related apparel

Numbered Apparel (exception year logos)

Long shorts with knee-high socks pulled up

Non-RHS hats (Approved RHS hats can be purchased in the student store)

Bandanas, hairnets, do rags

LA, Oakland Raiders or Raiders apparel

“Skin” apparel with silhouettes

Apparel promoting or symbolizing drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, weapons

Apparel that may provoke or intimidate others (i.e. Brown Pride, Black Power, Skinheads, Hecho in Mexico, etc.)

Long shirts (when hanging freely, extends down beyond tip of thumb held at sides)

Backless shirts, low necklines, immodest clothing

Beach wear (bathing suits)

Tops with straps less than 1” width, strapless, halter tops, or bare midriffs

Pajamas, pajama slippers, lounge wear, sheer wear

Spike jewelry (rigid or flexible), necklaces with sharp points, heavy or large belt buckles

Belt chains, wallet chains, neck chains and clothing chains that are greater than 1/8 width

Ripped or tattered jeans/ pants

Exposed tattoos

Exposed undergarments (including straps)

Sunglasses (worn indoors)

Baggy pants (top of paints is at waist but pant legs are baggy)

Saggy pants (crotch of pants is not close to body – top of legs)