Rubidoux High School Soar with Pride

Our Vision ​

To provide a safe and dynamic learning environment through collaboration with students, staff, parents, and the community.  Our high expectations challenge all students to realize their full academic potential and become successful, contributing members of Rubidoux High School and Society.

​- Seek knowledge and new learning experiences
- Seek and evaluate multiple solutions to a problem
- Seek a variety of ways to communicate your thoughts and solutions 

Outstanding Citizens
​- Demonstrate respect through compassion, tolerance, and integrity
- Respect yourself and others
- Work with others, respecting their thoughts and opinions
- Challenge yourself to achieve your full academic potential
- Set and achieve worthwhile personal goals
- Achieve and maintain wellness

Responsible Individuals
- Responsible for your own lifelong education and growth
- Responsible for your own choices
- Responsible for contributing to the advancement of your school, community, state, nation, and world

Perseverance | Respect | Integrity | Dedication to Excellence 


2021-2022 Board Approved LCAP​