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Class of 2020, 

It was wonderful seeing so many of you on campus this week and we had an exceptional turnout. We were also able to answer many of your questions and provide phone numbers to those that can assist you, and I will include them below. Furthermore, we received the link to the Virtual Graduation and that information is included as well. 

Virtual Graduation (May 26th at 6:00pm)

I have yet to see the final cut, but what I have viewed is worthy of the high standards we have set to celebrate the Class of 2020. The link to the announcement has been posted, and it now includes the link to stream the graduation and a password (use all caps). Feel free to share that information with anyone you choose to.

PHS Senior Shoutouts

Our families have started posting messages and pictures on a Padlet. Parents: please click on the link and give your Senior a shoutout!

Drive-Thru Celebration (Week of June 1st)

Similar to this week's “Grab-an-Go” we will have stations where you will return your Chromebook, our staff will confirm you have met graduation requirements (passed required classes, all textbooks/Chromebook has been returned, and any fines have been paid). After confirming that, you will recieve your diploma. You will then proceed to an area that you will exit your vehicle (your friends and family will stay in the vehicle), have your name called, and your friends and family can take your picture. You are welcome to participate even if you did not order a cap and gown. I expect dates, times, and procedures to be confirmed by our District Office very soon, and will send another email with that information as soon as I can. 


Unfortunately our yearbooks have been delayed for a second time, and most likely will not be received before the Drive-Thru Celebration. In fact, we are no longer provided an ETA other than “early June”.  Knowing that, please continue to be patient as Jostens is experiencing printing delays due to COVID-19, and we are working to create a backup plan to distribute yearbooks. 

AP Testing

Please make sure that you are communicating with your AP teacher if you have experienced complications with your AP exam and need to retake your exam during the late testing period. To those that have completed your AP tests: congratulations and we are looking forward to seeing all of your hard work and resilience pay off!


We distributed all of the caps and gowns that we have received from Jostens. If you purchased a cap and gown and did not receive it during this week’s “Grab-an-Go”, then please contact Jostens at  (909) 464-9063.

Expressions (Senior Portraits)

Contact information:

(714) 572-3200

(800) 345-0334


Any Other Questions?

Please refer to the following link if you have any other questions.


Damien Hernandez


Patriot High School


Class of 2020:

There have been a number of decisions and changes over the last few weeks, and felt it would be best for you and your families to be provided all the information that I am aware of. Please pay close attention to the information below, and know that some of the decisions have been made very recently which prevents us from having detailed plans in place. 

Week of May 18th

Class of 2020 “Grab-an-Go” begins Monday, May 18th and continues through May 20th. Please know that the dates and times of your arrival will be enforced (click here for days and times) and we have provided make-up time Wednesday afternoon (1:00-4:00) for those with work conflicts, AP testing conflicts, etc. You will be returning:

  • Station #1: return all textbooks

  • Station #2: return uniforms, instruments, and any other school property

  • Station #3: receive diploma covers, graduation programs, cap and gown (if purchased),  senior awards and programs, Class of 2020 graduation yard signs, and any other personal items your coaches or advisors wanted to provide you. 


Entry will be through the student parking lot entrance off of Camino Real. 

As an important reminder--you must 

  • meet the graduation requirements by May 20th to be included in the Virtual Graduation 

  • meet graduation requirements by May 28th to earn a high school diploma distributed the week of June 1st (more information below). 

There are no exceptions to either of these deadlines, and the vast majority have already completed graduation requirements. Contact your Guidance Coordinator if you have any concerns. 

May 26th at 6:00pm

We do not want the day and time of your graduation to pass by without proper recognition, so have your friends and family join you in celebrating your graduation virtually. Many of our Warrior staff and students put in a tremendous amount of time in effort in creating this for the Class of 2020, so dress up in cap and gown, break out your diploma covers, take pictures, and post your Class of 2020 pride on social media. The link to stream the event will be provided as soon as it is received. Click here to see the announcement. 

Week of June 1st (Dates and Times TBD)

Similar to the Grab-an-Go days the week of May 18th, you will return your Chromebooks and receive your diploma. Your Chromebook must be returned and all fines paid in order to receive your diploma on these days--no exceptions. Our District just received permission from Riverside County Public Health to also add a Drive-Through Celebration where graduates will be able to wear a cap and gown, have your name called, and have your friends and family take a picture of you. We will finalize all the details, but we do know that it will be limited to one car per family and your family will not be able to get out of their car. This will be another opportunity to celebrate your graduation and one that many of us are looking forward to. Click here for video announcement. 


Our District officials announced that at some point in the future they are hopeful to hold a live graduation for you and your families. No one knows when this will be able to take place, but it is reassuring to know that it continues to be in the plans. Click here for additional information. 

Class of 2020, we all know that you are going through difficult times and our Warrior Community applauds all of you of your resilience, understanding, and for staying positive. I cannot thank you enough for all of your suggestions and patience as we have worked to get all of these events planned for you. 


Damien Hernandez


Patriot High School