SENIORS: check the College/Career Power School Learning Page to see if you are in Senior Awards Night.  or follow the below:

READ ALL the below information PLEASE:

Awards Night May 18, 2021, at JVHS Field.  Starts at 6 pm so you will be NEED  to be there prior to get organized--time to be determined

If you are on this list attached, you will participate in Senior Awards Night.  SAN 2021 ALPHA ORDER ALL PDF.pdf

Be on the look-out for an email or other communication confirming that.

There is going to be some type of lim​it to how many people will be allowed per student and the email will explain that and tell you how to name your people in advance.

Also, notice your spot alphabetically and familiarize yourself with who is in front of and behind you as you will walk in, be seated and go on stage in that order as called by your Guidance Counselor.

We have about 176 of you we need to get in alpha order so be prepared!

Also, you will wear your graduation gown over your clothes but not your cap :-)

Email Sharon if you have questions: