Patriot High School Digital ID Card Information

This year we are partnering with Cherished Memories for you to take your school ID photo virtually. It is as easy as taking a selfie, and if you are unhappy with your photo, you have the opportunity to retake your photo on the spot.

To complete this process, click on the link below or scan QR code and enter your school ID number and hit start.​

You will then see directions on how to take your picture. After reviewing the directions, click “start." Once the page loads, allow access to the camera. An image of your digital ID card will appear.

To take the photo, hit the camera icon in the center bottom of the screen. After hitting the camera button, review your photo. Please make sure your picture is school appropriate. Each individual picture will be reviewed for appropriateness. If you like your picture select “Looks Good!" If you are unhappy with the photo, select “Retake". When you select “Looks Good!" You will be asked to fill in guardian email, guardian phone, student email, and student phone. Hit submit after completing all information.

You will then enter a password. Please make sure you remember this password because you will need it to access your digital ID card in the future. Once your picture has been approved you will be able to access your school ID digitally from any device that has internet. You no longer have to worry about leaving your school ID at home to enter a dance!!!

If you need support with this process, please reach out to the following email address:

Spread the word, tell your friends, let's see if we can reach the goal of 80% of the student body's ID pictures completed by the first day of school


Please note: All photos are reviewed by the Admin team. Submitting an inappropriate photo can resort in disciplinary action.

recieve your personalized link from the schoolpick your pose. find your perfect selfie lighting. capture your own photo id