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Jurupa Adult School offers classes to assist you in completing your high school diploma. Our High School Diploma Program is an independent study online course that is available 24 hours a day. This program is aligned to meet academic standards and has a flexible study schedule that you can do at home. Please contact the office for more information. 

How many credits are required to graduate?

Jurupa Adult School requires a total of 190 credits for a student to graduate with a high school diploma. If a student comes in to our program with 190 or more credits, 2 classes are still required to be completed in order to be awarded a high school diploma from Jurupa Adult School. Keep in mind that having 190 or more credits does not necessarily mean you are finished. You must have completed each required course with full credit.

What are the required courses?

The required courses for graduation are as follows:

40 Credits in English
20 Credits in Math
  • 10 Credits of Algebra 1
  • 10 Credits of HS Math

20 Credits in Science

  • 10 Credits of Biological Science
  • 10 Credits of Physical Science

30 Credits in History/Social Science

  • 10 Credits of World History
  • 10 Credits of US History
  • 5 Credits of US Government
  • 5 Credits of Economics

10 Credits in Fine Arts/Foreign Language

70 Credits in Electives

Steps for Registration

  1. Click here to complete registration form
    • Appointments fill up fast and there are limited spots, so call ASAP
  2. Obtain Official Transcripts from all schools where classes were completed
    • Transcripts must be sealed and stamped with the school seal or signed by school official
    • Opened Transcripts will not be accepted
  3. Attend Registration Appointment

What to bring to your Appointment?

  1. Government issued photo ID
  2. Official Transcripts (Sealed and Stamped/Signed)

*Arrive on time! We give a 15 minute grace period, after which you will no longer be allowed to attend and must reschedule if appointments are available.

*No children allowed on campus, no exceptions! Please make arrangements beforehand.

What to expect from your Appointment?

  1. Complete the School Registration Form
  2. Attend Same Day Orientation
  3. Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) Test will be administered. This is roughly a 2 hour assessment test. It is not a pass or fail test so do not worry, but please do try your best.
  4. Receive Jurupa Adult School Student ID Badge
    • Photo will be taken same day
  5. Pay the High School Diploma program Deposit if applicable​
  6. Receive Registration Complete Card​

High School Diploma Instructors
Mr. Thompson
Mr. Nevarez
Mr. Cerda
Mr. Ramirez

Student Resources


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.