English as a Second Language

Our ESL classes are designed to prepare non-native speakers to reach their educational, vocational, or personal goals by providing English instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We have classes to meet the needs of all students from beginning literacy level to advanced. Enrollment  is on a "First come, First Serve" basis. Classes are offered within the Jurupa Community at some of the local Elementary and High School campuses. Contact the Jurupa Adult School for more information.

First Semester classes Begin August 14, 2017

Second Semester classes Begin January 8, 2018

ESL Levels and Sites

Rubidoux High School Classes (M-Th) 5:00pm-8:00pm

Level 1                                                  Maritza Ruano                                              (5:00-800PM) RHS

Level 2                                                  Alegria/Lopez-Moreno                                (5:00-800PM) RHS

Level 3                                                  Gabriela Vargas                                            (5:00-800PM) RHS

Level 4                                                  Amanda Jaurigue                                         (5:00-800PM) RHS

Level 5/6                                              Elizabeth O'Connor                                       (5:00-800PM) RHS 

Off Site Classes 

Level 1                             TSSC                         Raul Espinoza                                   (9:00-11:00AM) DAYCARE

Level 3/4                         TSSC                         Raul Espinoza                                   (11:15-1:15PM) DAYCARE 

Level 3                             Pedley                       Arlene Jaramillo                               (9:00-11:00AM) DAYCARE

Level 4                             Troth                          Reiner/Garcia                                   (3:30-5:30PM) DAYCARE

Level 2                             Van Buren                Monica Balbuena                              (3:30-5:00PM) DAYCARE

Level 3                             Van Buren                Beatriz Farone                                    (3:30-5:30PM) DAYCARE

Level 2                             Mission Bell            Jessie Alaniz                                      (8:30-11:30AM)T&Th DAYCARE

Level 1                             Pacific Ave              Marleen Jockers                                (3:30-5:30PM) DAYCARE