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This conversation class will help students who can read and write in English, but are having a difficult time with speaking it or may not have that confidence just yet. Students will converse with one another and practice scenarios that may occur in everyday life.

*This class is recommended for ESL students who are intermediate level and above.

Steps for Registration

  1. ​Complete the Jurupa Adult School registration form here.
  2. Schedule an appointment online (click appointment link found at the end of the registration form).
  3. ​​Attend your scheduled appointment for the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems (CASAS) Test. This is roughlt a 1 hour assessment test. It is not pass or fail test so do not worry, but please do try your best.
  4. Take a photo for your Jurupa Adult School student ID badge- Photo will be taken the same day.
  5. Receive registration complete card.​​

What to bring to your Appointment?

  1. Government issued photo ID

*Arrive on time! We give a 15 minute grace period, after which you will no longer be allowed to attend and must reschedule if appointments are available.

*No children allowed on campus, no exceptions! Please make arrangements beforehand.

After your Appointment

  • Attend First Day of Class
    • Your first day of class, classroom number, and assigned teacher are written on your Registration Completed Card.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.