Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

Welcome to our school, Pedley Elementary.  We are a school that promotes College and Career Readiness through AVID Elementary. We believe in working with synergy to prepare our students for their future career and college choices. In order to accomplish this monumental task we must provide the following: a high level of expectation in every aspect of a student's elementary school experience and a commitment to the development of character and civic responsibility in our students.  ​This year our focus is making connections with our district's promise of Learning Without Limits and unlocking the potential to succeed in life, school and career.​

To our students, I ask that you reflect on your goals and to demonstrate your perseverance and integrity. Know that I am here to support you and guide you in making the right choices even when they are difficult. Remember that we have a personal and collective responsibility to be supportive of one another. I will count on you to go beyond tolerance and treat everyone with respect because we are part of the Pedley family.  To our staff, I pledge my commitment to you to have the mindset of a leader that always looks for ways to move forward together. Who believes in overcoming obstacles in order to help our students succeed.

In preparing our students, we must find our strength in a shared determination to inspire students to find their passion and to challenge them to follow their dreams because they deserve no less. 

To our parents, it is through your support that we make a significant difference in the lives of our students. I understand the importance of this trust and effort and vow to work for the best interests of our students and community. Let's work together to teach our children, not that they can do everything but that we can overcome our challenges by working together to find solutions.   I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Working for families and students,

Monica Leon​
Pedley Elementary Principal
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Instagram: pedleyelementary
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