Yearbook Staff

The yearbook staff welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year!

We’re here to share some exciting news with you regarding the 2021 yearbook. Guess what? You’re officially on the yearbook staff! Yes, you read that right! This year, more than ever, we ask that you join us in helping to create the book.

​What are some ways you could help us achieve this task? Consider:

1. Follow us on Instagram @patriot_high_yearbook

2. Send us pictures (and questions) to: or use the QR Code below!

 yb pic.jpg

3. When you see an email in regards to the yearbook, open it! Complete the form requesting information and pictures! Easy.

4. Capture CANDID moments and send them to us. By candid we mean non-posed.
5. Student organizations definitely deserve some love: help us gather memories of meetings, practices or virtual events.

6. Calling all athletes: we are talking about school sports or extracurricular sports. Share your stories and photos!

7. Dressing up like Romeo and Juliet to perform a play via Zoom? We need to hear about it! Participating in a team building experience involving a phone app? Tell us!

8. If you or a parent you know takes pictures at student events, please email us.

9. Take photos of ANYTHING that happens in your home that connects back to our school, whether virtually or in-person.

10. We want to feature any students who are doing something awesome. Suzie is getting her pilot’s license? Johnny was accepted to a really cool program for Latin? Email us!

This yearbook is unique in that it will be created by the whole school. Thank you in advance for being a part of this historic year. Don’t forget to reserve your copy at or call 1.877.767.5217.

Mrs. Lybbert
Patriot High School