Mission Statement
We, the West Riverside Elementary School Team, consisting of students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community, are committed to providing a positive safe learning environment where each individual can achieve his/her maximum potential through a policy of high expectations where esteem and respect are nurtured and supported by a structured and consistent schoolwide program.
Vision Statement
West Riverside students are intrinsically motivated, independent learners. Rigorous academic standards
are aligned with instruction, materials, professional development, and assessments to ensure student success with cognitive skills. Detailed, data-driven focus aids in the examination of program effectiveness, school safety, and learning opportunities to provide a supportive, exemplary learning environment for all students. A collaborative partnership among teachers, parents, students, and the community is the cornerstone to West Riverside's determination that no child will be left behind in the pursuit of life-long learning and future achievement.
West Riverside Elementary School is located at 3972 Riverview Dr. in the unincorporated area of RiversideCounty. The area is composed of low income housing and apartments in a suburban area. West Riverside is one of sixteen elementary schools in the Jurupa Unified School District. The Jurupa Unified School District serves approximately 20,000 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Established in 1963, our school district includes 16 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, a continuation high school, an adult school and a special needs school. Spanning 44 square miles in western Riverside County, Jurupa Unified School District is committed to academic excellence.
The first school in the Jurupa area was built in 1856 on the site now occupied by West Riverside Elementary. The current buildings were erected in 1949. The building housing the main office, nurses office and teachers' lounge was built in 1990. West Riverside has an enrollment of 731 students in kindergarten through sixth grade as evidenced on CBEDS October 2011. The student population consists of 97% Hispanic; 0.5% African American; 2% Anglo; and the remaining 0.5% is made up of Asian, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and Native American students. The transiency rate is currently 13%. Ninety four percent of our students qualified for free or reduced lunch as of 4/26/12. Sixty percent of our students are English language learners.
Two Preschool and two Headstart classes are located on our campus. Up to twenty-four students attend each session. Each class is staffed with a teacher and an aide. Numerous volunteers assist in these classrooms. Preschool and Headstart emphasize both developmental skills and pre-kindergarten academic readiness skills as part of their curriculum.
West Riverside continues to experience an increasing population of English language learners. To address this issue, the District has placed an emphasis on having teachers fully qualified to teach ELD and SDAIE at West Riverside. Every teacher at West Riverside posseses CLAD, BCLAD or comparable authorization.
West Riverside's grade level enrollment is Kindergarten-109, 1st Grade-110, 2nd Grade-105, 3rd Grade-106, 4th Grade-75, 5th Grade-108, and 6th Grade-95 based on the CBEDS October 2012.
West Riverside was initially identified as a Program Improvement school when the 2004 ELA AMAO was not met for English learners. The ELA AMAO was not met for the same subgroup in 2005, moving West Riverside into Year 2 Program Improvement. The school remains out of Program Improvement after meeting all AYP targets of NCLB in 2007 and continuing to do so in 2008-2011.​